I had an amazing weekend. On Friday I went to a live show for one of my fave podcasts with my best friend. It's called Throwing Shade and it. is. hilarious. The hosts - Bryan and Erin - pretty much just make fun of sexists, homophobes and other bigots in ways that always make my abs sore (because... I'm laughing so hard). On Saturday I got NEW TATTOOS, BABY! Check 'em out here on Instagram. Nicer pics to come. I had them done by Ciara at Studio Nest, and the whole experience was so enjoyable and satisfying. 

I cannot say enough about how considerate, intelligent and skilled Ciara is. If you're in the Vancouver area, get in touch with them. All their inks and tattoo accessories are vegan (except their razors but honestly who cares) and Studio Nest is a wonderfully safe space for queer folks, folks of colour and anyone else feels that systemic oppression everyday. On Sunday - yesterday - I met up with old and new friends and we scored sweet deals at thrift stores, then grabbed fresh eats from Chau Veggiexpress (OMFG THE COCONUT SHAKE) and headed to Vancouver's nude beach, Wreck, for the rest of the day. I slept so well last night because since I got back from the trip with mom I haven't had a moment of rest, really. I have been filling up my days with great friends, casual lovers, sunny bike rides, spontaneous adventures and other fun shit. It's ALL GOOD, but during the road trip mum and I never got a moment to breathe either, so I have been going non-stop since 7 weeks ago. Normally I am quite the homebody and I need a lot of quiet time, so this has been an exciting change of pace. I welcome it, but I am veeeery ready to not leave my house today.

I'm going to RELAX, watch movies, do my laundry, stretch and make a bunch of juice, smoothies and more raw fudge. Speaking of smoothies... here's a recipe. *winky face* Talk to ya later! (P.S. the "secret ingredient" is broccoli).



1 frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
2 tablespoons hemp seeds
1 cup broccoli 
2 cups grape juice
1 teaspoon ginger powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1/2 cup pineapple

Blend it all up and drink it all down. I topped mine with more bloobs and some chopped pistachios cuz why not.


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