7 Aug 2016


Folks: I've figured it out. The secret is using brown rice syrup, it is very thick at room temperature so it gets gooey when refrigerated and makes the perfect sweetener for easy vegan fudge. The ingredients, amounts and instructions here are like my chocolate recipes, but the brown rice syrup makes the final product chewy - fudge! - instead of totally solid. 



2/3 cup cacao powder
1/2 cup coconut oil
2/3 cup brown rice syrup

Optional add-ins:
Flaked salt
Vanilla powder

To make the fudge: melt the coconut oil then stir all the ingredients together until you have a smooth, thick chocolate batter. If it's too sweet, add more coconut oil or cacao powder. If it's not sweet enough, add more brown syrup. Add some salt and/or vanilla if you like. Spread evenly into a lined pan and leave in the fridge until solid, it should take an hour or less. Enjoy!

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Florence said...

Definitely trying this! You are a genius. :-)

Rosenoisettes said...

Gosh! This seems so gooey, so delicious!

Rhiannon Ashton-Hay said...

I made this as soon as the email came through this morning and just tried it now. It is amazing! I added a a swirl of peanut butter on top (because, well I'm a little obsessed with peanut butter) and it went perfectly, so much gooeyness!

I'm a Bingham said...

I did some research on brown rice syrup a while back because it's in SO many new 'heatlh' snacks at the moment in the UK. I was super disappointed with the results- it's pretty highly processed:
I think I'd rather have the fudge from your choc fudge pecan bars any day.
Happy Monday!

Rebecca said...

Date syrap is a great alternative, if you don't wanna use rise syrap, J!

lluvia said...

How about some maple syrup? Honey?

lluvia said...

How about maple syrup? Agave?

Gonzalo Hernandez said...

Frikeeng love this blawg. #Suaj

Pd: i love the part when you dont even cook and you eat. #yolo

Kerry said...

Coconut Nectar has the same consistency as rice syrup with less issues I believe. I made it with the coconut nectar and it came out great! Thanks, Emily, for the recipe!!!

Phoenix Heather Calhoun-Atkins said...

I used the date syrup and experimented with maple syrup and date together (the real maple syrup, not the processed "stuff"). Both turned out great. Then I added the peanut butter swirl Rhiannon commented on. I have died and gone to fudge heaven!!!!!

Phoenix Heather Calhoun-Atkins said...

I used a combo of maple syrup (real stuff) + date syrup Rebecca recommended, instead of rice syrup (not my fav). I also used the peanut butter swirl Rhiannon recommended too. I have died and gone to fudge heaven!!!

luckygyrl said...

Do you think molasses would work pretty well instead of the brown rice syrup?