It's the last night of a big road trip I've gone on with my mother across the States and back to Vancouver, Canada. (Mom says hi.) I could not feel more satisfied with all that has happened and how much I have grown in the exact ways I was hoping to. I am WHOLE again! I am ME again! Out of the 30 days we spent on the road, 9 were camping and the rest were staying with friends and family in various gorgeous houses and homes around the country. I was sweating the ENTIRE trip because we unknowingly decided to follow the midwest's record heat wave of the summer, and I am not used to humid weather ANYWAY. It became an auto response when stepping outside to exclaim: "Oh GAWD it's hot!?!?!"

The title of this post uses the word "beauty" cautiously since I know it means something different to every one. For me it means healthy (in this case). I want to share with you my three fave products for keeping my skin and body happy and clean. They were the only three I brought on this trip, and usually the main ones I use at home too. They are all from Luminance Skincare, a company I cannot speak highly enough of. All their products are vegan, organic and made with TRUE LOVE by a small handful of very kind folks. I get compliments on my glowy skin all the time and while the number one contributor to my luscious epidermis is a diet made up of mostly fruits, veg, plenty of greens, nuts, seeds, rice and beans, sweat, good sleep and sunshine; my skin care regime is still a big factor and I have Luminance to thank for that. On to the products.

Luminance Skincare soap is ALL made by hand (usually by Kim, in fact) with organic hydrating oils, so it cleans and moisturizes all at once. I use it as shampoo and body wash. It's the only thing I need to bring into the shower. They have one that is scented with marzipan. Just saying. 

It smells like a garden, hydrates my face and keeps my largest organ at its ideal pH. Kim is all about maintaining your skin's healthy pH balance so every Luminance product is crafted with that concept in mind. I spray it on my face after I wash it in the morning and after my shower/bath at night. 

Made with just various fruit and seed oils, Luminance's Fresh Lemons lip balm is my preference. I rub it on my lips several times a day and it never fails to refresh and hydrate. 

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