2 Aug 2016


I eat a lot of fruit. Or to be more specific: I DRINK a lot of fruit, in the form of smoothies and juices. I love sugar. I sip maple syrup from the can. I eat dessert all day. And I consume copious amounts of bananas, coconut sugar, berries, tropical fruits and dried dates. I feel great, my body loves it, but there is one thing missing: THE VEG. For a vegan who lives for whole fresh foods, I do not eat enough vegetables. It's so easy to forget to add greens to my smoothies, and I generally don't dig salad. I can effortlessly go through a day inhaling nothing but sweet fruits and rice while leaving behind veggies, non-sweet fruits and leafy greens. But veggies are rad. They are as rad as fruit, without as much sugar. Broccoli, beets, bell peppers, carrots, dark leafy greens: they have all been shown to be health super stars that can increase our life span and protect against serious illness and disease. I need MORE OF 'EM.

So me, being me, have devised a way to get in extra veg without having to put in almost any effort (yessss). I blend them into my smoothies. GENIUS, I know. I hear your applause now, thank you so very much. I've been doing it a for a few days now and am pretty much hooked. I make a giant smoothie (what else is new) and drink it down. No cooking necessary, hardly any dishes, all that good stuff. The veggie-filled smoothies still taste great and are way more nutrient-dense, which makes my body and brain happy. I am still a sugar-fiend so I add a lil maple syrup to the drinks, but if you don't wanna, you don't gotta. I prefer to use mostly frozen fruit and veg because it make the smoothie more like a frosty, thick shake. Enjoy!



1/2 cup frozen beet
3/4 cup frozen broccoli
1 frozen banana
1/3 cup bell pepper
1 cup blueberries
1 tablespoon maple syrup (optional)
2 cups almond milk

Blend it all up until smooth! Adjust according to preference; you can add more milk, fruit, maple syrup, or whatever you desire.

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1 comment:

JLovering said...

In the last few months I switched from using fresh (bagged/chopped) kale in my smoothies, to exclusively adding frozen chopped spinach. Way cheaper, way more convenient (i.e. kale doesn't go to waste if I'm gone for the weekend), and it keeps everything cold and just as nutritious!

I'll have to experiment with other frozen veggies like you suggest! (But, I'll admit, I use 2-3 bananas per smoothie, to keep more savory flavors masked).

On a technical note, how does your vitamix handle large frozen chunks of broccoli and beets? Mine is about 10 years old and goes crazy if I have too much frozen goods and not enough liquids...