This was 100% inspired by a drink I had the pleasure of slurping a week ago with some friends at Chau Veggiexpress. Their coconut shake came highly recommended and it hit the spot on the hot beach day we were having. Chau has some of the freshest, yummiest vegan food in Vancouver and I need to go back ASAP for their pecan caramel bar.

This recipe is refreshing, hydrating, full of healthy fats and electrolytes, VERY coconut-y, comes together in a few minutes and is delish at any time of the day or night. My recipe came out much thicker than the one at Chau, probably because I blended in more actual coconut meat and maybe used less coconut cream? I'm not entirely sure because I didn't manage to steal their ingredient list for the drink. So I improvised. I also couldn't place what sweetener they used but I went with my personal, long-time fave: maple syrup. However, coconut nectar or coconut sugar would be perfect here. Cuz... ya know, there's a coconut theme.

In other news, my lil brother scared the shit out of me earlier today when he surprised me with a fake skeleton as I walked out of the bathroom.


1/2 cup young coconut meat
1/2 cup coconut cream
1 cup chilled coconut water
3 tablespoons maple syrup
1 1/2 cups ice cubes
Handful mint leaves (optional)

Blend the coconut meat, coconut cream, coconut water, maple syrup and 1 cup of the ice together until frosty, sweet and smooth (unless you like it a lil chunky). Adjust according to taste preferences (I added more maple syrup but I'm a sugar fiend). Pour the shake over the remaining ice and mint leaves.

Notes: Try to find raw coconut meat and raw coconut water, the flavour is waaay different and in my opinion, much more delicious. Feeding Change is the brand I'd recommend. You can use any other sweetener you like (coconut sugar or coconut nectar would be fitting).


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