It's gettin' hotter everyday here in BC, Canada so I figured I would share some of my all time fave ice cream recipes that I have previously posted on this blog. I bought myself a box of bananas yesterday and put them ALL in the freezer so I now am very prepared for lots of bowls of nice cream in the next couple months.

In other news: I am doing really well. I cannot thank you all enough for your words of encouragement and support. I love you and what you give me. I am seeing a psychiatrist at the end of the month, and I think I am finally over the summit of the mountain that is my heartbreak. For those of you who don't know (although I feel like this is all I talk about these days): I have been dealing with undiagnosed mental illness for years but it's recently gotten so bad that I've decided to do something about it; and Jack broke up with me. Such a fun summer. But I've realized how amazing a support system I have around me, in my friends, mum and you! And I have been focusing on activities that make me feel better: exercise, spending time outdoors, meditating, dancing, meeting new people, cuddling my kitty, listening to music and podcasts. I am on anti-depressants and so far have felt no effects (besides being sleepy more than usual) but I am not supposed to feel any effects until I've been on them for a month or 6 weeks. Fingers crossed they do something for me but I'm not hung up on it. I want to share a book that has been making me feel loads better through this whole process. It's called My Age of Anxiety by Scott Stossel and I loooove it. Yes, the author is a cis, hetero, able-bodied white guy, and there are not enough gender-neutral or female pronouns, but I can deal with it. The content is super interesting and also for me - a huge relief to expose myself to. He goes into the history of anxiety (I'm a history student so I eat this stuff up), and looks at all kinds of different perspectives (psychoanalytic, biomedical, philosophical, etc.). He also gives an account of his own journey and history with anxiety, phobias and depression that makes me grateful my symptoms are relatively mild and not usually debilitating. Highly recommend you read it. Next on my list is The Imp of the Mind by Lee Baer, it's about OCD mostly. Do you have any book or film suggestions that have to do with mental illness? I'd love to hear them.

Anyways, without further ado, here's some ice cream for ya. Just click on the recipe names (directly above the photos) to get the recipe!

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