17 Apr 2016


I wasn't planning on blogging this recipe but once I saw the colour I knew I had to. SO PINK. I'm not gonna say too much in this post because I am in the midst of studying for my two final exams this semester. I have written nearly 11,000 words of notes so far. #proud

What can I say about this recipe? It's very bright, yummy and good for your bod. It takes 5 minutes to make and tastes like earthy sweet sunshine. If you don't like beets, you will not like this smoothie. If you do like beets, you will love this smoothie. In other news: WHO ELSE WATCHES BROAD CITY!? Holy crap. I cannot get enough. This week I've basically organized my days into study sessions and break sessions (like type up notes from two lectures, eat, orally review notes, break time for an hour) and my breaks usually consist of a glass of [organic and on sale] red wine and Broad City. It's HILARIOUS and makes me wanna get back into doing random weird stuff in the city with my best friend who has the same name as me. We are a power couple. 

I am excited for school to be over for the summer because I wanna go camping, meet new people, lie in the sun doing nothing A LOT, and explore the province more. That being said, I love university and am tempted to look at the summer courses being offered just so I can keep on goin with this learnin thing. It's fun and useful. Talk later, babes. xxoo


1 peeled, chopped beet
1 cup frozen raspberries
2 bananas
1/8 teaspoon vanilla powder
2 cups almond milk

Blend it all up until smooth and delicious. If you wanna add other ingredients, go right ahead.

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Unknown said...

I'm obsesssssed with Broad City! They're both such hilarious and amazing ladies!!
I live in Victoria BC and hope our paths cross this summer! <3 Best of luck with your studying and exams and this smoothie is beautifulllll!

Unknown said...

raw or cooked beet? i've never added beets to a smoothie before.

Tori//Gringalicious said...

I love the bold and lovely color here! Looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Do you cook the beets at all? I'm not sure my blender could handle chunks of raw beet … maybe I need to grate it? Do you have a very powerful blender?