This is the first post in a series of six wherein I talk about taking care of ourselves and more specifically, how taking care of ourselves starts with taking care of our bodies. The series is sponsored by Luminance Skin Care; a wonderful vegan, organic body care company.

What if you owned a machine that did everything for you? Some examples: transported you where you need to be, made sure your blood sugar levels and bones were healthy, told you when to sleep and wake up, alerted you to what kinds of foods you should eat or stay away from, warned about dangerous situations and helped you escape them, reminded you of things you love and rewarded you when you did them, or had trillions of individual union workers on the job 24/7 with your longevity as their main objective?

Hey, guess what. This machine is real and it's called YOUR BODY. Take a look at it right now. It's magnificent, glorious and elegant in its complexity and uniqueness. The size, shape, colour and ability of your body do not change these realities. You are beautiful. Hold yourself, touch yourself, feel your skin, look into your eyes, examine your feet, wrists, neck or whatever else you please - take in your body with all your senses. You LIVE in and through this amazing, organic machine. Our bodies allow us to experience the world, each in our own one-of-a-kind way, and much of what I love about life is so because of the relationship between my body and the world surrounding it. I love sesame oil thanks to my olfactory system; I love sex thanks to oxytocin and dopamine; I love lifting weights thanks to endorphins; I love my family, Jack and friends thanks to encoded neural pathways throughout my brain. My self is inextricably connected to my body. I love myself and therefore I love my body. This isn't to say I feel this confident all the time. Some days I'm my own worst enemy and it's a struggle to overcome this negative pattern of thinking, but I will be saving that story for another post in this series. (Note: if you feel uncomfortable in your own body: that is totally valid. My point here is to remind us of the fact that our bodies biologically allow us to experience the world, and that's pretty f#cking awesome, but of course many of us are born into bodies we don't feel like ourselves in and I hope we can all ultimately find ways to make our bodies safe places and homes, even if there are often serious barriers to this human right).

The reason I am writing all these words about how rad you are is because I want you to understand... how rad you are. Your body IS a wonderland, dammit (but please no affiliation to the John Mayer song), and you deserve all the things to take care of it. I'm talking about BODY CARE (a huge aspect of self care, in my opinion): looking out for your skin and keeping it happy by using organic, ethically-produced products made with your wellbeing in mind. Luminance Skin Care is a shining example of a company that provides this. I will be the first to say that I like making my own body products, anything from shampoo to deodorant to mouthwash to face masks: I've tried DIY versions and love them. But at the end of the day I don't really know what I am doing and am not an expert on my epidermis. I don't understand how to navigate making a truly excellent daily skincare product or master the art of soap-making, I'm better at concocting edible vegan recipes in the kitchen. So yes I do enjoy making my own face masks sometimes with oats and fruit but for my everyday routine, Luminance Skin Care is my go-to. The company is literally five people (started by Kim when his wife needed skincare products that didn't cause migraines) and all products are handmade, always vegan, organic and raw without anything synthetic.

I have very sensitive skin and majorly screwed it up moisture-wise after years of over-exfoliating, but Luminance products helped bring it back to a healthy place and now I am constantly getting compliments on how nice my largest organ looks (which makes me feel really good about myself). I use their cleanser, moisturizer and rosewater toner daily; their masks every week or two; and their body butter every few days. Honestly them getting in touch with me to do a series of sponsored posts was SUCH a great idea because I love talking about self care, and for me body care is a major part of that. So in the coming posts (I'll be doing one every month for the next five months) I hope to share with you my thoughts on giving ourselves what we deserve in terms of self care and body care, and gushing about how Luminance goodies are a terrific match for this. Oh and I almost forgot! Luminance wants you to try their products yourself, for freeeeeee. I am hosting a giveaway of their Introductory Gift Box which includes a cleanser, toner and moisturizer (the winning trio I use everyday). Enter the giveaway by commenting below: ask a question about Luminance Skin Care. This giveaway is open to all people worldwide. MUCH LOVE Y'ALL.


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