15 Sept 2015


FINALLY DID IT. I have been wanting these for awhile and today my dumpling dreams came true. They are surprisingly easy but look really impressive. Makes ya seem fancy even if you don't have a clue. I am sneaky and just went and bought frozen dumpling skins so duh that makes basically them way less difficult effortless. You can make your own if you like (just google a recipe). The only ingredients are usually flour and water. Moving on. I got this recipe from a beautiful new cookbook written by the magnificent minimalist, Jenny Mustard. It's called New Vegan. She is Swedish and thus so is her book, but fingers crossed there's an English version coming soon! It's still just a great book to flip through, which is what I did, and then got Jenny to translate the recipe I wanted to try (i.e. dis one). 

I am pretty much in love with Jenny. Unfortunately she is already taken, plus she's in Sweden, plus I'm wit Jack. Ah well. 

Jenny's style is just UGH so simple and gorgeous, from her outfits to her hair to her make up to her food and photos. And when she talks with her lil accent... *weak in the knees*. She has an EPIC youtube channel she does with her beau, David, and I hiiiighly recommend you go check it out and subscribe. The quality is great and the content is unique. The only reason I actually discovered Jenny was through her getting in touch with me; she wanted to do a video featuring one of my recipes. Then I started stalking her online and realized how inspiring she and her work are. Current state: head over heels. If you know Swedish, go buy her book right now! If not, I think you should still buy it because like I said - it's lovely to flip through. Or go pressure her publisher to publish it in English. For real, the non-Swedes need it. 

This recipe is delicious, made with fresh whole foods and lots of greens. I can never follow a recipe exactly as it's written - seriously cannot do it - so I adapted this one a little bit and what's written below is what I did. In the original recipe there's spinach instead of kale and just a few other minor differences. I also improvised a simple dipping sauce that tastes bomb with the dumplings. It's all below. Stay fresh, my friends, and keep fighting the good fight (aka the fight against injustice, imo)! 

Adapted from the recipe in Jenny Mustard's lovely new cookbook, New Vegan

3 cups kale, lightly steamed
1 cup edamame beans, steamed
2-3 garlic cloves, chopped
1 tbsp tahini
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 green onions, sliced
Salt & pepper, to taste

1 tbsp maple syrup
Black sesame seeds (optional)

1 tbsp tamari
1 tsp maple syrup
1/4 tsp chipotle powder
1 tbsp rice vinegar 

Around 15-20 vegan dumpling skins (found 'em in the freezer section in an Asian supermarket)

To make the filling: blend all ingredients together in a food processor until you get a chunky paste. Taste and adjust accordingly. 

Assembly: place about a tbsp of the filling on each dumpling skin. Moisten the edge of the skin halfway around with some water with your fingers. Fold over, creating a half-moon shape. Press firmly and create small folds along the edge. Steam the dumplings until the skin is somewhat transparent, about 3-5 minutes. If you don't have a steamer it's ok to fill the bottom of a pan with water and steam the dumplings, covering the pan with a lid. Garnish with sesame seeds.
To make the sauce: stir all ingredients together. 

Nom it. 

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Unknown said...

Emily, these dumplings look absolutely delicious! A Gabriola Island fan of yours. :)

( ;-} >

Anna said...

I've always wanted to try dumplings!! thanks for sharing :D


Chelsey said...

These look SO good! I was craving dumplings for lunch but there's nowhere close by work to get them.

Lovely photos :)

Unknown said...

so glad you liked them emily, thanks for trying the recipe out ^^
and - as usual - you've got some mad photography skills <3

Louisa said...

These look awesome!
And as I'm Swedish too I will have to buy Jenny's cookbook asap!

Heather Nixon said...

I'll have to try and make these! x

Heather | The Veggie Kitchen x

Anonymous said...

Saving this one for when I have money. ;) I have a newfound love for kale and the dipping sauce sounds delicious!

Smadar said...

Made these today and they were delicious!! Fresh and satisfying.

mamamajuly said...

Made them last night. Easy and so totally delicious! I will make them again. Often.

Unknown said...

Ah! Love Jenny! I'm a new vegan and was inspired a lot by Jenny Mustard. And now by you as well!