Eating massive bowls of nice cream for breakfast, lunch or dinner is 100% a THING in the vegan world. This is because our nice cream is just made of frozen bananas and other fruit. That's why you can and SHOULD eat as much as you want. In this version I'm givin' ya today, I threw in blueberries from the front yard as well as some baobab and cinnamon powders for A) extra flavour and B) extra nutrition.

It tastes real good. I like to eat nice cream for dessert most of the time, it satisfies my sweet tooth but it's a light recipe (seriously, it's just fruit) so you don't feel bogged down afterwards by butter or sugar or whatever else is in conventional desserts. Sometimes I will have it as an appetizer though, or even breakfast if the day is exceptionally hot. It doesn't matter when you have it or how much you have because it's all good for you! Unless you are deathly allergic to fruit, in which case I am very sorry. So sorry.

This is the third and final chapter in my trio of recipes done for the British Columbia Blueberry Council. They asked me to do some to promote... well... blueberries grown in BC. They are a community of a bunch of berry farmers in the province and FYI: BC grows like all the blueberries in the world. Almost. Our climate and blueberries are BFFs thanks to evolution. I was thinking about this yesterday: how cool is it that BC blueberries have their own council!? I mean as a vegan I know aaaaall too well about the freakin' Beef Boards and Dairy Councils in the US and Canada. They control government policy regarding their own yucky products and so long story shortened and simplified: that's why people still think milk and meat are good for you. Derp. They also have all the moneys to run gross, misleading ads on TV and billboards everywhere. But why can't we see ads for the foods that are actually good for us!? It almost never happens. I remember that a few years ago there would OCCASIONALLY be this commercial on for broccoli. Yes, there was a TV ad for BROCCOLI. I was so excited and would always cheer on the Broccoli Board from in front of my screen. But I guess that campaign was short-lived because I don't see it anymore. Nice try though, Brocco Board.

So the fact that the Blueberry Council is active and engaged in the vegan community (they contacted me and offered to sponsor these three posts) makes me happy. We need more boards and councils representing organics whole plant foods to step up like the blueberry guys are doing.

Serves one or two

Ice cream:
3 peeled frozen chopped bananas
3/4 cup fresh or frozen BC blueberries
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1/4 teaspoon baobab powder

1/3 cup fresh BC blueberries
2 tablespoons date syrup

Blend it all up 'til smooth like soft serve. Nom. I like to top mine off with more blueberries and date syrup.

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