27 Mar 2015


This is fast food, and it's real good food too. If you've never had a portobello burger before, your world is about to change. Although if we are being critical, there is never a moment where the world - and by proxy our own individual worlds - isn't changing. So it's more realistically a matter of magnitude of change, not change vs. no change. Okay, back to the food. Shrooms are meaty, flavourful, savoury delights. When you stick 'em between a giant collard leaf instead of a wheat bun, it just gets better. Collard greens are crunchy, refreshing and hydrating. Mushrooms are disease-fighters. Life is a miracle.

25 Mar 2015


This cake tastes like a strawberry milkshake. The best part is: it's good for you and really easy to make. Oh, that was two parts.

I been tryin' to include more colour in my diet lately. Don't get me wrong, I have green smoothies and carrot juices, banana blueberry nice cream and baked jewel yams like everyday. But I DO admit I get into routines. I let myself fall into the pattern of ONLY having the things just listed, day in and day out. So I guess a better way of saying "tryin' to include more colour in my diet lately" is: I am trying to get a more colourful VARIETY out of my diet these days. Inspired by Instagram accounts like this one, I realized I'd gotten lazy with trying new fruits and veggies. So off I went to the grocery store yesterday and bagged up a bunch of fresh ingredients I haven't gotten in awhile: papaya, mango, broccoli, purple cabbage and grapefruit. And I got tangelos too, which I had never had before but lemme tell ya: they are deliciously juicy and sweet, very similar to oranges but cooler-looking.

19 Mar 2015


So comforting is the chocolate chip cookie. I made this recipe 3 days in a row because it's so damn delicious and simple. If you have a Blendtec and their twister jar, the recipe becomes even easier because it grinds things into flours and butters in NO TIME. I throw in almonds and they practically evaporate into almond butter. Amazing. But if you don't have a twister jar / Blendtec blender, have no fear. Any other high speed blender should do the job. These cookies are perfect with a glass of fresh almond milk. I have a bunch of stuff I must do today so I am keepin' this post short. Enjoy!

13 Mar 2015


I'll be straight up: the colour is from beets. BUT. Do not fear - if you don't like beets, the flavour is subtle and you can cover it up with other yummy, pretty things like berries, coconut, Rawxies (which are soooo good, lemon poppyseed is my fave) and brownies. If you like beets, then this is probably your wet, ice creamy dream come true. If you aren't sure about beets WITH ice cream... just see what you think. Iiiii think you will love it. Pretty sure I got the idea to do this from Steph over at @happyandhealthy96 so shout out to DAT BABE. 

5 Mar 2015


I eat this nearly every night and it never gets old. Ask anyone who knows me, they probably feel jealous of the yams and/or sweet potatoes. There actually IS a difference between yams and sweet potatoes. I like both though. I love both, to be honest. Sometimes I really question the deepness of my devotion to certain plants. Like last night I baked some potatoes and just stood there in the kitchen gobbling them down plain, while murmuring phrases of adoration to them. Is this normal? Ah, whatever the answer... I LOVE YAMS AND I DON'T CARE YOU KNOWS IT! As long as I have baked yams and/or sweet potatoes in my life, I am at peace with the universe. 

1 Mar 2015


I like to work hard. I like to relax hard (if that's a thing... I mean 'power naps' are a thing so relaxing hard can be a thing too, right?) I generally don't like long-term routines, so my workout regime changes at least once or twice a year. For awhile recently it was bodyweight exercises in my room plus dancing really sporadically to music. Things have changed. Now, most days I do P90X (and my workouts are always in the morning by the way). For those of you who don't know P90X: I will direct you to the wikipedia page on it. Basically it's an awesome program of videos that focus on different muscle groups (biceps, back, legs, chest, etc.) and there's a few that are high intensity cardio workouts as well (lots of jump squats, oh mama). There's also one for yoga, which is like an hour of warrior poses (feel da buuuurn) and then another 30 minutes of less challenging yoga moves. The program is technically designed to be 90 days long, and you're supposed to do a certain workout each day of the week, but I don't like following rules so I just do what I feel like. I usually do one workout (they're all about an hour) every morning, but they're tough and every few days or once a week I need a break, so I use those days for stretching, because there's a DVD for that too. It's an hour of taking care of yourself, and it feels so good. Tony Horton, the guy who designed the program, is really into yoga - and he was actually vegan for a little while; there's a part in one of the videos when he talks about making non-dairy corn chowder! - so there's a lot of yoga in the stretching video too.