1 Mar 2015


I like to work hard. I like to relax hard (if that's a thing... I mean 'power naps' are a thing so relaxing hard can be a thing too, right?) I generally don't like long-term routines, so my workout regime changes at least once or twice a year. For awhile recently it was bodyweight exercises in my room plus dancing really sporadically to music. Things have changed. Now, most days I do P90X (and my workouts are always in the morning by the way). For those of you who don't know P90X: I will direct you to the wikipedia page on it. Basically it's an awesome program of videos that focus on different muscle groups (biceps, back, legs, chest, etc.) and there's a few that are high intensity cardio workouts as well (lots of jump squats, oh mama). There's also one for yoga, which is like an hour of warrior poses (feel da buuuurn) and then another 30 minutes of less challenging yoga moves. The program is technically designed to be 90 days long, and you're supposed to do a certain workout each day of the week, but I don't like following rules so I just do what I feel like. I usually do one workout (they're all about an hour) every morning, but they're tough and every few days or once a week I need a break, so I use those days for stretching, because there's a DVD for that too. It's an hour of taking care of yourself, and it feels so good. Tony Horton, the guy who designed the program, is really into yoga - and he was actually vegan for a little while; there's a part in one of the videos when he talks about making non-dairy corn chowder! - so there's a lot of yoga in the stretching video too.

Anyways, my point is that after I have worked my muscles and cardiovascular system a LOT all week, it feels amazing and so right to just spend an hour calmly stretching out my limbs and doing some light yoga. Work hard, relax hard - get it? ("Oooooooh, now I get it!") Afterwards, my body usually wants just one thing: homemade almond milk! So today I share a drink that is perfect for post-yoga nutrition. It's full of spices that are detoxifying digestive aids and blood cleansers. Besides, it tastes amazing. I need something more substantial pretty soon after drinking this but it's dreamy on its own right after I roll up the yoga mat. Ideas: add it to a smoothie... okay that's the only idea I have.

A note about the soaked almonds: I suggest buying raw organic almonds in bulk or in a large amount, soaking them all at once, then storing them in the freezer in ziploc bags or air tight glass containers. This is what I do in any case, and it works great for me. A note about the vanilla: try to get whole vanilla beans, then chop off a small segment and throw in the blender. It adds a really fresh flavour that you can't get from vanilla extract or even vanilla powder. I love getting my vanilla beans from Nature's Happiness; they are organic, fair trade, raw and pretty inexpensive.


1/4 cup raw almonds, soaked for 8-12 hours in water then drained 
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1/4 teaspoon segment of vanilla bean 
4 cardamon pods
3 Medjool dates
1 1/2 cups hot water

Throw it all in the blender until smooth. Strain with a nut milk bag, sieve or cheese cloth, and sip it up. Great after yoga and before or after meals. Add 2 frozen bananas to make it a chai milkshake. Life is good. 

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Kelsey M said...

Love this recipe! And oh my gosh- you always have the most amazing props- that tray is to die for!


The Yogi Vegetarian said...

Yum! This looks like it would be good anytime :)

Anna said...

I don't really like loong routines either... this milk looks super delicious!! Can't wait to try it at home <3


Unknown said...

Stunning photos Emily! I take back my resistance to try P90X now:) I had no idea it had stretching and yoga - I'm in!:)

I love Nature's Happiness vanilla beans too, so affordable and great company!

Matea said...

This looks amazing! Have to try it :)

Megan Wall said...

My fiancee and I drink SO MUCH HOMEMADE NUT MYLK... our last batch was vanilla almond hazelnut! But we will have to try this recipe out next time!
We also like to make freezer fudge with the pulp using this recipe http://www.therawtarian.com/raw-almond-pulp-fudge

"A fridge full of nut mylk means a freezer full of fudge" - a vegan proverb by Megan :)

I alternate my morning workouts with different YouTube channels. YogawithAdriene, XHIT, and Blogilates are my favourites! I didn't know P90X had yoga! I'll have to try it out!

You always brighten up my day, Emily! Namaste!

KJ said...

Lady, this is delicious!! I had just picked up a Chia tea Latte this weekend, and this is soo similar (possibly better!!)! :D Your fabulous recipes make sure that my homemade mylk never goes bad :)

rawm (raw-mom) said...

looks like it would be good for some overnight oats too...add raisins or gogi berries...maybe cashews, my toddler is all about it.

thanks for helping me keep my family healthy and happy!

apersonwhocares said...

Oh, I love Chai! Thanks for the recipe. If one cannot find cardamom pods, how much powder would you suggest?

Susanne said...

This looks great. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Your photos really are stunning. What camera do you use? (Sorry, you probably get asked that a lot).

Sophie said...

Wow, Emily! This recipe is amazing! My first time making nut milk myself and I am hooked :) Didn't have any dates so I just added a tbsp of maple syrup to sweeten. de-li-ci-ous!!

The Heartsless Witch said...

Well, this is the first receipe I try from your blog.. because I rarely take the time to do them or I don't have the ingredients..

well, this chai without tea is just a wonderful and delicate mix !

I really enjoyed it ! thank you for all those receipes !!

mank solin said...

I like your Site :D

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