Fall is upon us and nothing feels more appropriate when I finally get home after these busy, rainy days than a big ole mug of hot chocolate. Make that raw, vegan and super easy to make and you got me head over heels in love with it. I wonder if Freud would have something to say about how frequently I compare my food to romantic lovers. Just a moment ago I was telling my dinner (homemade green curry with baked eggplant, greens and Israeli couscous) that I was seriously considering leaving Jack in order to go steady with the curry. I regularly kiss and hug my fruits and veggies before eating them, and at any hour of the day if you entered my brain you would notice countless love signals being transmitted to the nearest edible plant. I thought I wanted to marry my record player, but when it comes down to it, my ideal spouse might be an avocado. Or mango. Dammit. Is fruit polygamy legal? 


Frankly I wish everyone would be as stoked about their diet as I am (although perhaps not so much with the desire to wed everything they're about to put in their mouth.) I see people around me all the time eating bland, boring, processed foods that they clearly find no enjoyment or excitement in. What's the deal!? If I am about to literally BECOME something, I gotta 100% adore that thing! My cells are going to be reconstructed from the matter I put into my body, so that matter better be the highest quality, freshest, sexiest stuff around. Otherwise, no thanks. Of course I am saying this from my privileged seat in a [relatively] developed country wherein I always have access to organic fruits and veggies AND the budget for them; I am aware it's a restricted category of humans that have these advantages. Nevertheless the people who I see eating these drab, refined, personality-less "foods" are  virtually always in the same social cohort I am, and so they can most likely afford to eat the way I do.  Why don't they? At the end of the day it seems to come down to education. Folks simply are not taught - in school or popular culture - that their diet can be a major source of joy, compassion, environmental sustainability, self-improvement and long-term wellness. Whatta bummer! So until every last person discovers the pure, holistic bliss that can come with a plate of food, I will not stop blogging!

Without further ado, go ahead and enjoy this super easy and quick recipe for hot chocolate. And please, giggle with excitement as you drink it, because life is great. 


For one or two people. 

2 cups ginger tea (or just hot water)
1 tablespoon cacao powder (or carob powder)
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon power
1/4 cup dried shredded coconut 
1/4 cup dates 

Blend everything until smooth, then strain through a nut milk bag and pour into a mug. Roll the left over pulp in coconut sugar and hemp seeds and dehydrate for an hour (or bake lightly) to make coconut balls! Enjoy!

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