This restaurant review is coming a bit late because I've been so busy with other things, and it always seems like I have another recipe to share. Nonetheless, visiting Be Love in Victoria (on Vancouver Island) was one of the most delicious dining experiences I've ever had, so I must tell you about it. The restaurant uses all vegan, organic and locally sourced ingredients, so you know you are tasting the highest quality food around. All of downtown Victoria is beautiful and peaceful, thus Be Love's location - 1019 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC - is no different. The actual building it's in is really cool too, it has huge windows and sky-high ceilings so you feel like you're in church! The church of heavenly vegan food, that is. I went with my sexy-ass vegan girlfriend, Eva, and my wonderful partner, Jack (who is basically 100% vegan now). We shared everything. First we ordered some fancy dranks... made with SUPERFOODS! Eva got some vibrant concoction with gin and spirulina, and Jack got a glowing glass of whiskey/tequila (?) and fresh ginger and herbs! Even I tried some, and that says a lot. Then came the foooooood. Oh my LAWD. Never have I experienced such perfectly balanced flavour explosions at a restaurant. Jack got the raw burger, I got a green bowl, and Eva got something with tomatoes and pesto. Be Love uses organic, locally grown ingredients and you can tell. You hardly need to add any other flavourings besides the food itself, but the tiny bit the Be Love chefs DO add is perfectly harmonious with the plate as a whole and frankly takes your taste buds to lands they have never been to. Ah, my mouth is watering just thinking about eating there again. Must go back.

The food is so nutritious, you don't even need to eat that much. I like consuming enormous amounts of food but I was 100% satisfied after my normal person sized bowl of nourishment. Of course, we got dessert anyway. Jack ordered an amazing lavender ice cream that was light and refreshing - the ideal treat to end the meal! And Eva got the raw chocolate cookies with raspberry ice-cream. OMG. Nirvana, sandwiched. The vibes of the space are what you would except in an upscale vegan, organic eatery - everyone is glowing, smiling and friendly. If you are looking for the same amazing food but in a more casual environment, check out Cafe Bliss (556 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, BC)! It's run by the same amazing folks but focuses more on juices, raw food, and speedier service.

Next time you're in Victoria - or if you're looking for a reason to go - I beg you to head over to Be Love and/or Cafe Bliss! You won't regret it, and neither will your bod. Nourishing yourself with whole foods and amazing flavour is effortless in both of these awesome plant-based eateries.

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