That's right, folks. Five minutes from now you could be holding a plate of ultra good-for-you vegan chocolate truffles... and you don't even need any equipment besides a knife and two hands. I apologize if you don't have two hands, but I have faith you can make it work. I mean, you've come this far... you're probably way more able-bodied than me with two hands. 

The only ingredients in these bad boys (I just gave truffles a gender, didn't I) are dates, hemp seeds and cacao powder. Actually, I used carob powder today but it's really up to you. Whatever floats your boat, as they say. Or in this case, whatever flavours your truffle. All you have to do is chop everything up and mash it together; it doesn't get much simpler or delicious. Although having said that, I ate mine with spoonfuls of Artisana coconut butter and WOW heaven was reached. I am talking divine kingdom entry happening in my mouth. Another pairing suggestion? Banana. Mmm... banana... If ya don't got no coco butter or nanners, don't sweat it bro. These are amazing all by themselves. 

In case you hadn't noticed (quite likely), I've been making some changes around here! I added some new photos of my face to my "About Me" page, changed the blog's header image, page text font and updated all my pages a little bit (tweaked a few sentences, added newer photos, ya know). I hope you like the adaptions. I'm here to serve and please you, so think of me as your raw food genie. As in: my wish is your command. Hmm... is this getting kinky? Or is that just my wishful thinking... maybe the latter, hopefully the former. 

Making, photographing and posting this recipe was a much-desired break from my weirdly hectic day. When I say weirdly hectic, I mean I feel like I'm kinda stressed out but I really have no need to be. Yes, I have final exams and a group presentation coming up that I need to prepare for, but I'll be fine; I know what I need to know. Yes, I need to finish my taxes which is hella tedious, but again; it's not that big a deal and they WILL get done. Tonight. Yes, the manuscript for my second book is due in a few weeks, but yet once more; I am on schedule and shouldn't have an issue wrapping it up. I'm pretty proud of it at this point, and it's still in the rough draft phase! So ya see - I've got all these little things that are unfinished thus they give me this unsettled feeling... but I don't have to and shouldn't feel this way! I need to take a breather and remind myself that ALL IS WELL. Writing this out helps a bunch. Thanks for reading my rambling road of cognitions. On to truffles, shall we venture? 


1 cup medjool dates
1/4 cup hemp seeds
1 heaping tablespoon cacao powder or carob powder

Pit the dates and cut them up into tiny gooey pieces, mash them together with the cacao or carob powder and hemp seeds until it all sticks together. Roll the mixture into truffles then coat with whatever you like - I kept it simple and used more carob powder. For extra 'umph' - what is that word... really - throw in some Himalayan salt, vanilla, ginger, chili or cinnamon! 


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