My raw vegan chocolate chip banana mylkshake brings all the boyz to tha yard. 

(I am positive I have made that joke before with other shake recipes but let's pretend it's the first time and laugh at my highly intellectual sense of humour.)

Eyoo. How're you doin' today? I'm feeling great. It's been so warm and sunny all week here (thus far...) and I have been out power walking, running and hiking everywhere I can get to on my toe shoe covered feet. I've been high off the good vibes and vitamin D since Monday and I ain't comin' down anytime soon. I figured it'd be the perfect time to share a summery recipe that will keep you cool and smiling on the warmer days. But heck, I drink this recipe all winter too so don't feel the need to restrict enjoying it to only the hot seasons... make this everyday! I practically do. This is a wonderful treat to blend up after going for a hike, as a matter of fact. Maybe that's not a true fact, I mean there have not yet been scientific studies conducted on the perfectness of this particular mylkshake in relation to a post-hike situation BUT at least we've got my gut telling me it's a pretty damn good choice to try out this recipe. That's all I got for ya though. Sorry if it's insufficient. What am I even talking about now. My writing game has NOT been strong lately and I apologize for that, I'm just way too focused on other things in my life at this point but I swear on the life of my future pig companion (one day... one day...) that I will improve my prose pronto! Now if you will excuse me, I need to nourish all these boyz that have appeared in my front yard. 


4 frozen bananas
1/4 cup hardened raw chocolate
1-2 cups non-dairy mylk
1 tablespoon cacao nibs (optional) 

Blend everything together (except the cacao nibs) until smooth, but not too smooth - you want the chocolate to combine but still have little chips of it in the mix. Get it? It's a chocolate chip mylkshake! Pour into a glass or two and sprinkle the nibs on top if you like.

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