14 Apr 2014


Hey, guys. How's your day going? If you are doing this liquid cleanse with me, how are you feeling? If you haven't joined in the liquid feasting yet - jump on in! We're on day three of seven and I am doing terrific. I'm jamming to this amazing mix right now and it has got me in the best mood. I wanna go dance. Alas, I have my final exam for archaeology tomorrow so I gotta have a quiet night in. Once my exams are done and my second book manuscript is finished I'm gonna party like it's going out of style (it will never go out of style though, my life is one big crazy party). 

Energy levels are great, I had a very deep sleep and woke up at 8:30 am like I usually do. I'll most likely stay up until midnight again. I did some light stretching then made a big blueberry smoothie pretty much the same as the one I had yesterday (get the recipe here) and it was amazing once again. Later my partner came over - he's doing this with me - and we made a giant blend of kale from the garden, apples from the farmers market and organic bananas. That recipe is below. Later I was getting hungry again and decided to make what my mind was telling me to: potato soup. MMM. It ended up being phenomenal and totally hit the spot. The potatoes are local and organic, that probably helped a great deal with the flavour and creaminess. The nice thing about just keeping this cleanse to liquids is that I can make super nourishing and filling soups for dinner, instead when I'm on a juice fast... cold juice for supper can sometimes leave you missing warm meals.  

While we were sipping drinks outside in the sunshine (the weather has been so great lately) we were talking about how although the smells and textures of solid food we see around are very naturally appealing, that doesn't mean they're at all tempting. Yes, those foods would taste good, but we have this thing called will power and it's pretty easy simply choosing not to eat solids at this point. I think this is because we are making sure we stay fully carbed up. When you are low on calories and carbs, your will power and rationality go out the window and you wanna grab anything edible that is in your arms reach and devour it. I am speaking about this in terms of a liquid cleanse, but I think this can be more importantly paralleled to people's everyday diets and their cravings for processed foods. They cave in and buy a doughnut and then feel guilty about it. I think most of us have been there, or somewhere like there (we all have different degrees). Why does this terrible cycle of guilt and unhealthy eating habits continue? Because we don't feed ourselves enough of the good stuff! The good stuff = whole fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, nuts and seeds. When we are REALLY full on these foods, we won't crave the junk we don't need. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people think they should limit their calories from fruit and that is tragic. I never count calories because I eat the right foods, so the more I eat the better! Having said that, I probably consume around 3000 calories a day and that is working out juuuust fine. Obviously, our bodies know what to do when we fuel them with the right foods. It's simple. It's easy. It's delicious. It's the answer. 

The power is in the plants. 


6 potatoes
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
Enough vegetable broth to cover the potatoes and onions
Coriander, dill, fresh parsley 

Slice the veggies then cover with the broth and bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and let cook until tender. Put everything into your blender and blend until smooth. It is shockingly delicious! Add whatever else you like. 


2 cups kale
4 apples
3 frozen bananas
1/16 teaspoon stevia powder
2 cups cashew mylk

Blend it all up until smooth. Drink it down. 

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Unknown said...

Wow! Today's menu looks absolutely delish! I will be attempting my own potato soup in the next few days, courtesy of your recipe above. I always enjoy your organic food enthusiasm! Have a lovely next few days on the liquid diet! I look forward to your next blog entries. :) <3

Anonymous said...

You are seriously so entertaining and SUPER CUTE. I still love you so much.
sophia from australia, who pretty much stalks all your pages cos your food is damn good.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your exam!:)

Candy Sparks said...

I plan on doing a liquid detox next week. I really need it with all the rich meals I ate while I was on holiday in Ireland. I also over indulged so I really need a detox. I love that you are not doing a juicing detox either. I just can't see myself not using my vitamix for a few days. The potato soup sounds amazing and would be perfect to meal prep for my lunches. Thanks for the great ideas and producing a lovely well-written blog post.

Angela @ Canned-Time.com said...

Love your potato soup Em. I did a week long liquid fast at the beginning of the month and I feel amazing. It's so easy to get used to feeling blah and bloated. These cleanses really help to keep your mind clear on what it needs to work at it's best.
Thanks for sharing your own meals. A true inspiration for us all.

Unknown said...

This blog is so great! I look forward to getting your book in the mail. I've been struggling with juice fasting lately because I am home only between 9PM and 6AM, but I look forward to trying these on the weekend! Thanks!

jess said...

Heeey emmy. Im gonna join you for a 3 day liquid feast !

I just wanted to ask you a couple of things . . .
With your feast do you add a lot of fats at all ? Like nuts, seeds, coconut and avocado ? Also do you add other extras like cacao, maca carob . . . ?

How do you break the liquid feast, do you just go straight back into eating ? And (sorry last one :) are all these recipes your posting just for you like single serve or are they split between you and your boyfie ? (: Thanks honey <3

jess said...

Oh ! And does banana ' icecream ' count as liquid ? ;)

Ina said...

This is fantastic! You are doing so well and the recipes are all very very nice! I might even try something new here ;-)

Keep it up.

Em von Euw said...

@Jess - yay :) I'm keeping fats to a minimum, but I have added an avocado to some of the soup recipes, and i threw in a handful of almonds to my smoothie today. I've been adding cacao powder to a couple dessert smoothies but that's pretty much it. Banana ice cream counts as liquid to me! The recipes I am sharing are mostly split, but some are for just me.

Sylwia said...

amazing drinks to drink :) I like your mini motto:
drink, juice, mmm !