27 Jan 2014


I know, I know; I'm freaking out about this one too. I MEAN CAN LIFE GET ANY MORE MAGICAL! C'mon, momma nature, why you gotta be so amazing? You're making the rest of us look bad. All that is in this cake is fruit, nuts and seeds - and I promise it tastes even better than it looks. Typing that out literally made me giddy and I squealed a little bit just now. 

I'm tryin' real hard to balance out the ratio of dessert and savoury recipes on the blog because I wanna give you what you've been asking for... but you know me - I can't go more than a day without something sweet.

This was made in excitement of reaching 40,000 likes on good ole facebook.com. Sometimes I forget how much of a privilege it is having an entire community of amazing people supporting me through all my trials and tribulations... and cake-making. Seriously, you guys are my emotional backbone, in that you give me strength and confidence with each word and cyber hug we share. Thank you for being.

Lemme give ya a rundown of what this cake is all about. We've got a basic raw crust on the bottom (dates and hemp seeds), followed by three gorgeous cashew and orange cream layers. One is subtly sweet and includes vanilla, one is a bit tart and flavoured with raspberries and one is mega refreshing and packed with peppermint leaves. It's all topped off with dark chocolate (cacao) truffles and drizzle. I also sprinkled mine with hemp and pumpkin seeds because... it looks prettier like dat, ya feel me?

As far as deliciousness goes, I think this is a sufficient description to give you an idea of what to expect:  I practically fell on the floor after my first bite... but instead stayed upright and proceeded to devour a slice in mere minutes with wild eyes while whispering sweet nothings to the very thing I was eating.


1/2 cup hemp seeds
1/2 oats or almonds
1 cup dates

Cream cake:
2 cups cashews
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 cup dates 
1-2 tablespoons coconut nectar (optional) 
1 teaspoon vanilla powder
Pinch of Himalayan salt
1/4 cup melted coconut oil
1 peeled orange 
Water, as needed (I used about 1 1/2 cups)
1 cup raspberries
1 cup mint leaves

1/2 cup dates
1 tablespoon cacao powder
2 tablespoons melted coconut oil 

Chocolate drizzle:
Use this recipe. 

To make the crust: pulse the hemp seeds and oats or almonds in a food processor until they turn into flour or crumbs. Add the dates and process until it all sticks together somewhat. Press in to the bottom of a lined cake pan (mine is adjustable and was about 7 inches). Put in the fridge.

To make the cream cake: blend all the ingredients together until smooth, EXCEPT the berries and mint. Take out one third of the mixture and pour onto your crust. Put back in the fridge. Take out half of the remaining mixture in the blender and set aside. Add the raspberries to the blender and blend until you get a smooth pink cream. Spread on top of your first layer and put back in the fridge. Put the remaining mixture (that you set aside a moment ago) back into the blender along with the mint leaves; blend until smooth and green. Spread evenly on top of the pink layer and keep in the fridge for 24-48 hours to let the cake set and flavours develop. 

To make the truffles: put all the ingredients in your food processor and process until smooth and thick like frosting. Roll into balls and coat in cacao powder. Decorate your cake with these, as well as hemp and pumpkin seeds, if you like. Drizzle with chocolate and slice! 


Anonymous said...

I looooooove when you post new desserts! (of course, savory is delish, but I'm a sweets kinda girl too)
I literally jump up and down from excitement!
They're the bestestest Em! <3

coconutandberries said...

This. Looks. Incredible!! It's so so beautiful and I can imagine mind-blowingly tasty.
Congrats on 40,000 likes :)

Tracey said...

Can't wait to try this!!!

Unknown said...

Looks amazing

Anonymous said...

Your recipes continue to astound me and terrify me! They all look amazing, and I would eat them all, but to actually make them is terrifying. It seems so much harder than plain ole vegan cooking/baking!!

Angela @ Canned Time said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Hippy MOM-- WHAT UP YOU! ok so I don't really no you but it sounded official or maybe not? Ok, well anyways I want to make this and actually have everything because im a hoarder of all vegan food, except my stuff is fresh no dead kitties in my hoarder vegan stash here.
Sometimes when I'm typing I think to my self did I just type that what the hell is wrong with me, I also think of myself as Sadie off of Awkward . Your Welcome. Yah I'm Weird. But you have a great recipe laugh at me ok. Have a hippy night...

The Vegan Cookie Fairy said...

HOLY COW. This looks unbelievably good! I don't think I'll try whipping up this entire cake in my own kitchen but I could sure do with some raw truffles.

realrawkitchen said...

A beautiful cake as always!! You have a way with nuts and seeds and I welcome it as inspiration AND comfort. I love seeing what beautiful creation awaits me in my inbox every morning :) love you!

Abbiee said...

Dude, this is amazing. Everything you ever post is so amazing. You never cease to blow my mind to little bits and pieces. This cake is stunning! So so beautiful and it looks so freaking delicious. I need it in my life. End of.
Pinning! ....several times. (photos = gorgeous.)

Cloud Thyme said...

So beautiful! That looks absolutely delicious and decadent.

pdbats said...

Wow! What an amazing cake! You are far too clever Em and we all love you for it!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Flippin. God!!!!!!!!! That looks beautiful and delicious!!! I look forward to trying it, although if it turns out like yours it would be a miracle! :o)

Em von Euw said...

I love you and that is all.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Hippy Mom--- And Miss Emily, as I go to college, I also take online classes, well I had to set up a profile for my classes, you know a pic of myself, some bio, what interest me and links also, I listed your food blog as my interest so others could see your AWESOME. and a link to your T.R.V.L..

as I am taking a political science course this semester , this you tube video was my "paper" online(I did not make the actual video but some of my hippy friends did, im in the states so I hope this makes sense to you , as I believe it will. Have a PEACE filled night . YOUR WELCOME.


Anonymous said...

You are a goddess!
This looks sooooooooooo abso-frickin'-lutely breathtaking!!!!!
You. Are. My. Hero.
-L. Luna

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! Do you soak your cashews prior to pulsing in the blender?

Chelsea>>The Naked Fig said...

Holy cow! This is so gorgeous! You are a raw cake artist! Can't wait to try this!

Em von Euw said...

No, but you can! :) I'm lazy sometimes.

Helena said...

I agree, these are kind of awesome! Now this is a meal the whole family would actually enjoy! Thanks Emily, I have to pin this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
Thanks for all the recipes and inspiration on this blog! I'm from little Norway, and raw food isn't very normal here, so your blog really helps an inspires me to eat more of what I really like; nuts, fruits, vegetables, dark chocolate , coconut oil, herbs, raisins *yum* :)
Anyway, I'm going to buy myself a quality blender. However, I saw that for example in the recipe above you used a food processor for the crust. Is there a reason why you used a food processor and not a blender? I don't have a food processor, and I don't know if I should buy either that or a blender. I can't afford to buy both, because I want types that often are expensive and I'm a student. Should I invest in a food processor, or do you think I can manage well with a good blender?
All the best,


Unknown said...

When do you have to soak your dates? Also, any good replacements for coconut oil?

Andrea said...

Could be cashews replaced with walnuts?
Doesn't it change a "chemistry" inside a cake? :)
Thanks for such healthy and tasty-looking recipe!

Take care,

Em von Euw said...

Yes that's okay - or young coconut meat.

Em von Euw said...

You don't have to soak them...? But if you want to, go ahead. Cacao butter is the best replacement, but coconut meat will work.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! Thank you! I'm trying may best with raw desserts but can't manage with this beautiful lilac color of the berry layer. If it is on top of the cake how can I retain these color? Usually it fade so quickly :(

Anonymous said...

Two more questions - 1. How it came so white the first cream if there are dates?
2. How all these cremes are thickened? It's just the coconut oil and the cashew or something else?
Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Can you please als include the estimated cost of making this T_T

Em von Euw said...

Oh it usually gets MORE vibrant as I let the cake set. Hm.. weird. And to answer your other q's: The dates don't change the colour very much. Yeah the cashews and coconut oil make it thick and set.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! The problem with the color comes may be from bananas that I usually use with berry cream. Bananas color fade quickly. I'm just thinking. May be the lemon in the receipt is helping to retain the color?

Em von Euw said...

Oh yeah! It's probably the citrus!

Anonymous said...

I made this recipe with a few adjustments. I made the crust with chia seeds/almonds/and dates, and added natural food coloring to the mint layer. The colors were muted but it was a fun cake to put together. I think next time I will not make the mint layer, and substitute it for a blackberry. The flavor combination was a bit odd for us.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Emily this looks divine! I stumbled upon your blog when looking for recipes to use the bag of caco nibs I have in my cupboard. I'm so glad I did! I have just made the raw bars and they are sitting in the fridge setting.
I am almost vegan ( just feta cheese and honey, non vegan foods in my diet) and eat a wholefoods diet with some raw- I am crazy about salads.

Ugo Colombo The Collection said...

It may not look that awesome but it surely tastes much better than how it looks. Good post.

Anonymous said...

It's very tasty, but as a delicious mush - a cake doesn't stiffen... :( It was in a fridge for 24 hours, without any change of a texture. The colours had mixed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emy

This looks great, will do it at the weekend! Just a short question regarding the crust: peeled almonds/hemp seeds or unpeeled ones? Not sure if this made a difference or not, as all gets blended...

Best regards from Germany!

Em von Euw said...

Unpeeled almonds are fine, but for hemp seeds - I use hulled hemp seeds.

Unknown said...

This is so beautiful! I can't wait to make it! You are such a beautiful person, and you have inspired me and so many others with your art and your kind, thoughtful words!

anthea said...

Oh my goodness! I am in LOVE! I adore the layers, your choice of flavours and how deliciously creamy it looks. This is very inspiring xo

Anthea @ nourishyoursoulwiththerainbow.com

Unknown said...

Do you have any substitute for dates??