some photos from my life this summer

Exactly as the title of this post implies, today I am merely here to share some photographs with you. These are mostly ones I have not shown on the blog before because they didn't quite fit in anywhere; but I like them nonetheless. So they have now found a home in this post about nothing in particular. The pictures below are from a hike I completed by myself whilst on a camping trip I went on with my family towards the end of summer. It was a lovely and much-needed get-away, and additionally it reminded me how much I LOVE potatoes! Since the trip I have been enjoying steamed potatoes for dinner most nights; usually along with tomatoes from the garden, other steamed veggies and organic corn (dinner is my cooked meal of the day, if I have one). I believe simple whole foods are the secret to health - not that it's much of secret, but more of an under-advertised fact.

I took a few photos in the kitchen this summer for a feature on a beautiful blog called Balue/Co. You see them below. I think they highlight the Dutch and Thai vibes we have going through the whole house. My parents fell in love with each other while volunteering in Thailand and remains a large part of their lives; and my mom has Dutch roots. She also has a collection of wooden clogs she continues to add to whenever she can. I think she needs to sign up for Hoarders Anonymous, but that is another story. 

Here's some food - and kind of an example of what I eat in a day - lots of fruit with some lightly cooked veggies. I love fruit smoothies and juice, as well as mono-meals of fruit like mangoes, apple, pears, peaches, grapes, grapefruit, berries, papaya, and others. I eat this throughout the day and then in the evening I will enjoy a giant bowl of steamed vegetables (broccoli, potatoes, yams, zucchini, etc.) and/or non-sweet fruits (tomatoes, cucumber, peppers etc.).

Below we have some images from the garden, bravely sprouting new life as the months grow gradually cooler. Winter is coming. But first - fall.

Finally we finish with the most vital features of my life: dessert and my cat, Dante. I eat dessert everyday. Raw desserts are excellent for the body and soul, and frankly speaking - much more exciting than eating a handful of almonds! With my raw desserts I get my daily intake for nuts, coconut oil, dried fruit and cacao in a deliciously deceptive way. Shh... don't tell anyone it's healthy. (Or alternatively shout it out from the roof tops! I think it is something to be celebrated.) What you see below is a bowl of sliced banana, raw chocolate chunks, dried mulberries and date pieces. My mouth is now watering.

Important to note: Dante is perfection manifested in a feline's body, FYI.