I hope I made your mouth wet with these photos. Wink wink. Best part of this recipe is that it's incomparably healthier than the average breakfast. It's basically just bananas and a bunch of super foods like coconut oil, almonds, cacao powder, and mulberries. You can add whatever else you like (ideas: goji berries, coconut flakes, maca powder, fresh fruit, dates, etc.) I ate this for dinner. 

It's a beautiful world we get to party in

That's right. GIFs are happening right now. I saw them on this blog awhile ago and immediately realized how genius it was for food photography. A huge component of the appeal of food is texture! You can show it perfectly with moving images. Plus, they're really fun to photograph and put together. Besides, I know you like 'em.

I stayed home from school today because I think my mono might be coming back (I know - coming BACK... this isn't the first time I've suffered this throat torture) and figured I'd better rest to keep it maintained. Banana ice cream is the perfect soother because it's cold and creamy. Ahh. It helped me get through my last Mononucleosis bout.

Mononucleosis kind of sounds like a super power... Or is that just me who thinks that. I cannot explain my own cognitions. Moving on.

banana ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce

Ice cream:
3 frozen bananas 

Chocolate sauce:
1 tablespoon melted coconut oil
1 tablespoon cacao powder
1 teaspoon agave syrup or preferred sweetener

Almond butter
Anything else your heart desires

To make the ice cream: put the bananas in a high speed blender and blend until they become a creamy, fluffy, white soft serve ice cream. Nom. Scoop into a bowl.

To make the chocolate sauce: whisk the ingredients together. Drizzle over your ice cream along with the rest of your toppings. Time to spoon.