product review: rich nature

I just received a box of raw organic super food goodies from a company called Rich Nature this morning. I was contacted a couple weeks ago by them and they didn't even ask me to do a review on my blog - they simply really wanted to send me their products because they liked my work so much!

Well, ditto. And I'm gonna do a review anyway because I like what I got so much. So there.

Rich Nature is so cool! They sell super food berries and berry powders. They were generous enough to send me goji berries, mulberries (which I immediately learned I LOVE), Incan golden berries, yumberry powder, and seabuckthorn powder. Woo!

I added the berry powders to my smoothie after my workout and hoooooly moly was it delicious. Sweet and fruity, it gave me loads of energy. The berries are all fresh, soft and chewy just the way I hoped they'd be. Another thing I was delighted about: the packaging! They use rice paper and it works and looks beautiful.

Thanks, Rich Nature, for being so enthusiastic about healthy, sustainable, wholesome living through plant-based, organic nutrition. You rawk.

P.S. stay tuned for another product review for Oriya Organics this week. I'll be reviewing their raw greens powder and raw vegan protein powder. I drank my smoothie from their bottle this morning. Hehe.