6 Aug 2013

product review: oriya organics

Oriya Organics, a raw vegan company, was kind enough to send me a water bottle, greens powder, and protein powder to review. I am very happy with the products! The bottle isn't super tiny so I can actually put juice and smoothies in it, leave the house for errands or school and take it along with me. 

I used up the powders so quickly I didn't even GET pictures of them but I assure you they're great. I really appreciated the raw vegan protein powder (the only other one I know of is Sun Warrior), and the greens mix was a perfect nutrition boost in my smoothies when I didn't have any fresh leafy greens available. They both have terrific taste and texture, which can sometimes be a problem with drink powders. 

This is another company doing their part to stand up for health and wellness with the power of plants and sustainability. 
You go, Oriya! Thank you. 


Koko said...

Woohoo! Love those big shaker cups like that...so handy for on the go smoothies.

Unknown said...

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