7 Aug 2013

lavender lemonade

I've made another raw vegan recipe for Skinny Limits! Get the recipe here, and check out all the photos below. This lemonade is equally refreshing, sweet and delicious as the conventional kind; but it's NOT loaded with sugar. Instead it's just sweet enough, and has a lovely hint of lavender after each sip.


  1. I just tried lavender lemonade for the first time yesterday and it is SO good! I immediately decided I had to start growing lavender so I can have it whenever I want.

  2. Very pretty, Emily! We used to sell lavender tea at the cafe I work at; it was yummy!

  3. And I was just wondering what I should do with all that lavender I have growing in my garden!

  4. That looks SO delicious and refreshing during the summer. In the winter Provencal Lavender Honey is delicious in a hot drink with ginger and hot water.

  5. Hi Emily, can you use any lavender for cooking with, or is there an edible lavender you buy at the grocery store? I've never used it in my recipes before, so I wasn't sure!

    1. Yeah you can use it cooking I guess! And you can probably buy it a herbal health store or something. I just pick ours from the yard ;)

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