product review: rawmio stone ground raw vegan chocolate

Mmm. Chocolate. I could eat it all day (okay not really but I am definitely a huge fan and a confessed chocoholic). You know what's better than chocolate? Raw vegan, stone ground chocolate. And guess what? I got three bars in the mail today from rawmio. I tried them out immediately and couldn't contain my pleasure. The different kinds were hazelnut and fig, sprouted cereal, and an active blend of different superfoods (including mushrooms!). They are like vitamin supplements in the form of chocolate!

I think my fave is the hazelnut and fig, but they are all so delicious it's a very tough thing to decide. This brand has been recommended to me many times by readers so I was very excited to review it and I've gotta say - I am super impressed! Rawmio products are always hand crafted with love and raw, organic, vegan ingredients. They support small farms and villages around the globe. On their site they proudly explain that the company is "founded on a few essential fundamentals: pure ingredients, high nutrition, and delicious flavors." I can dig it. I can also eat it. This has my stamp of approval! Get it in ya!