dat sunshine juice + some big news

It's not like there's some special secret to making an amazing glass of juice. All you're doing is helping the mind-blowingly delicious flavours of fresh fruits and veggies shine through, and letting your taste buds do the rest. Simple. Yet every time I make juice (about once every one or two days) I cannot believe how incredible it tastes. Then I remember... "oh yeah, momma nature's a pro". Get the recipe at the bottom of the post, but first read what's directly below! 

Onto this big news. Can ya guess what it is? I am SOOO excited about this and it's been extremely difficult not telling you guys until today, because I wanted to share it with you as soon as it was confirmed, but here it goes:

I am working on my first cookbook.


I know you have basically all been waiting for this, and encouraging me to write my own {un}cookbook for quite some time. You gave me the confidence and courage to believe I could do this. However, I saw it as an exciting challenge to complete in the future, maybe a year or two from now, and only when I actually found a company that would publish me. Well, the universe was looking out for me apparently, because not more than a couple months ago I was contacted by Page Street Publishing (distributed by Macmillan) and the rest is history! This is a dream come true, as most of you are aware, and I am actually just GIDDY with excitement. 

This is why I haven't been posting many recipes - or any desserts - recently. I have been working my little butt off making raw dessert recipes out the wahoo (does anyone REALLY know what that phrase means?) This cookbook is going to be solely desserts, with tons of pictures, and about 100 recipes you have never seen before - working. my. butt. off. I will also have how-to photos, tips and tricks for my recipes and the raw food lifestyle, and loads of other awesome stuff that you knoooow you want. Best part? It's going to be very affordable. About $20.00. It is set to be published in March 2014, so I have just a few months to pump out a manuscript and a bazillion recipes and photos. 

Thus, most of the recipes you see on my blog in the next three months will be simple juices, smoothies and raw food dinners or lunches. Also, I'll be posting about once a week or so. 

NOW GIMME FIVE. Oh, and make the juice recipe below. 

glowing green juice:

2 apples
2 oranges
1 cucumber
1 yellow bell pepper
3 pineapple slices
1 lemon 

Juice. Drink. Beam.