guest post: eve pearce on holistic health + eating vegan

Veganism and the Holistic Outlook:

In recent years increasing numbers of people, businesses, and government agencies are becoming aware of the benefits which can be derived from a holistic outlook on health – such as through eating a vegan diet and taking exercise. Taking into account the needs of the body as a whole has been demonstrated scientifically to be an effective way of maintaining personal health. Nevertheless, it is important that individuals who wish change their lifestyle, such as by trying a new diet, ensure that they are prepared with the appropriate information and advice.

A Holistic Outlook on Health:

In many aspects, the world of business is a good indicator of the most effective paths to achieve a given goal. The healthcare packages which most companies offer their employees and their families are a very efficient way to maintain a healthy workforce. Moreover, an increasing number of firms are choosing to take a more preventative line on employee health by providing benefits which focus on maintaining employee health by covering all many aspects of the body.

Many of the programs include classes which help employees to quit smoking and other forms of drug-use, which are still a significant risk to people's health. The programs also offer diet coaching, teaching employees how to achieve a healthy diet and how correcting people's dietary habits can protect them from diseases such as diabetes, asthma and coronary problems. The trio is complete with the addition of guidance on the benefits of exercise – unifying the holistic outlook and ensuring the people maintain the health of every aspect of their body.

The Vegan Diet Takes on Diabetes:

A study from 2009 demonstrated, also, that a vegan diet can be of great help in combating diabetes – a disease which threatens the health of an increasing number of people each year. Diabetes is associated with high-sugar diets and obesity. People who suffer from the condition experience difficulty in moderating the sugar levels in their bloodstream, which interferes with their life and can lead to many other health problems. For their study, scientists compared the effects of a common anti-diabetes diet with a vegan diet, observing their efficacy in treating the condition.

The results showed that both diets produced a similar level of weight loss, showing that a vegan diet can be an effective way to combat diabetes in that many cases are caused by excess weight. Moreover, the vegan diet scored better than the standard diet for the extent to which the subjects were able to maintain a stable sugar-level in their blood. As such, the vegan diet appears to have a medical application which could mean it being adopted by more people, alongside the health and ethical reasons while people currently give.

Exercising While Eating Vegan:

If someone is considering switching from their normal diet to a vegan diet, it is vital that they take steps to get the nutrition which their body needs. Some people claim that this is difficult or impossible with a vegan diet – though all it requires is knowledge and planning.

Protein, and whether they are consuming enough, is one of the main concerns which vegans have. Via the proper research it should be possible for vegans to avoid any deficiencies which are associated with their diet. When exercising, it is important to remember that the muscles which propel the body during the workout must be repaired – the material which is used to repair muscles is protein. Understanding protein is most important for a vegan who wishes to build muscle, in which case they are not just repairing but adding to their muscle-mass. 

Vegans can derive protein from many sources, such as nuts and beans, and getting enough protein while exercising is a matter of understanding how much each of their foods contains and making a diet plan. Current science suggests that the average individual should consume 0.8-1 grams of protein per pound of their own body-weight per day in order to stay healthy; for body-builders and intense athletes, this can be as high as 1.2-2.0 grams.

With healthcare costs constantly increasing and the numbers of people who are threatened by dangerous diseases like diabetes growing in number, the benefits of maintaining the health of the body by considering its needs as a whole are becoming more attractive. Furthermore, so many of the diseases which afflict people in large numbers are entirely preventable. As a result, the benefits of the holistic outlook are there to be gained by anyone who wishes to have a happier and healthier life, provided that they seek the best information and advice.