chocolate & vanilla ice cream sandwiches (suitable for hipsters)

I've made ice cream sandwiches before... but that was when I was just starting out with this whole blog thing. I'm so happy with where I am now. Thank you all for your kindness. Anyways - I was deciding what to make last night and ice cream sandwiches popped into my brain (not literally... that would be gross. How would that even work? Okay, never mind.) 

They turned out exactly as I had hoped. Soft chocolate pieces holding together raw, dairy-free ice cream. In fact, I used three different kinds of ice cream for these guys. Banana soft serveolive oil, and vanilla caramel. Each one is unique and delicious in it's own special way... AW SO SWEET. (Now that I DO mean literally.)

My boyfriend liked them so much that he tried to eat them all but I was able to stop his beastly manner and satisfy his sweet tooth with just one. Must save the rest for my family! And... myself...

The crust is nut-free (if you don't add peanut butter) because I used mostly buckwheat groats - they are rawkin' and seriously nutritious; gluten-free too, which is never a bad thing. Another plus? These babies are suitable for hipsters! I used triangle molds for some of them so I know the trendy alternative youth of my generation will flock to these like a grimy pair of used sneakers. I'm not judging - I have only love for you (and you and you). To be honest, I myself have been called a hipster on many an occasion. Ain't no thang.

Make these for your sweet heart, your friends, family or complete strangers. I wish I had made more so I could eat more but alas, it's just one for every member of my family. Feel free to play around with the crust - I bet it would be awesome if you added a bit of cayenne. Let's get spicy up in here. 

I don't really remember what a conventional ice cream sandwich tastes like but it can't be better than this. Whole food frozen treats? Count me in! There's simply nothing better than indulging in something decadent and delicious, knowing you are making your body, the earth and the animals happy. Well I don't really have anything else to talk about for today so I will leave by saying: MAKE THESE! The recipe is below.

chocolate & vanilla ice cream sandwiches: makes 8-10, depending on the size

1 cup buckwheat groats, preferably soaked in water for 1-3 hours
1/4 cup cacao powder
1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
3 tablespoons hemp seeds
1 cup dates, or more as needed 
2 tablespoons nut butter (optional)

Ice cream:
banana ice cream OR
coconut ice cream (this is the more decadent option) 

To make the crust: pulse the dry ingredients in your food processor until it's like a rough flour. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until it forms a ball or clumps together.

Using half the crust mixture, press into the bottom of cookie cutter molds or whatever else you want to use. Scoop softened ice cream into each one and then set in the freezer for an hour or so, until the ice cream is hard again. Press on the remaining half of the crust mixture. Let them set in the freezer for 30 more minutes and then push them out of the molds, gently. Enjoy!