juice fast: complete

hey ya'll. today is an odd one. i think i may be starting to feel signs of my body telling me to end this. i know, i know. 7 days is not much, especially since i was planning on a 10- or 21-day fast. erg.

i'm probably my harshest critic when it comes to this, and tend to be kind of hard on myself for not finishing what i told myself i would do. but i don't think doing something for the SOLE reason you said you were going to, is a good idea. i am doing this juice fast for health, well-being, to refresh my love for food, achieve mental clarity, and center my soul/chakras. 

i am always surprised how short of a time it takes me to accomplish all those goals when fasting, and this time was no different. i can't lie - i am pretty bummed. i want keep going... but i don't feel i need to. i just WANT to.

my ego shouldn't determine how i treat my body.  

in addition to that chunk of logic, it has become apparent that juice fasting while trying to help my boyfriend move in to his new apartment is a problem. i can't keep going back and forth between my house and his place to make fresh juice. yes, yes - laaaaame excuse. but hey, that's what's up.

all i ask is you don't judge. the thing i feel worst about is that i know many of you are fasting with me! i urge you to keep going, i am right here.

much love & namaste to you all. happy halloween!