17 Oct 2012

okay, oh kale

i love smoothies. i love kale. from that you can deduce: i love kale IN smoothies. or maybe not, because i also love garlic and ice cream... hm.

ANYHOO - we are running dangerously low on fruits and vegetables (meaning we have like seven apples) in my house this morning so instead of using a banana i used dates, and instead of fresh kale, i used frozen. it's still from our garden though! it was especially think and cold because everything i put was frozen: blueberries, strawberries and kale. i added ice cold almond milk and it was like a berry milkshake!

not exactly what is going to warm me up on a chilly vancouver morning but i just don't care - it's too freaking yummy to worry about regulating my body temperature. i made extra, so it will be a snack later too...

nevermind. i just drank it. 

berry kale smoothie: makes 5 cups

1 cup kale
1 cup frozen blueberries
3/4 cup frozen strawberries
2 cups almond milk
2 large dates

blend it all up. chug. 
actually don't chug it, you will get a brain freeze.


Lindsey MM said...

Drinking this right now as my morning smoothie! Win!

Em von Euw said...

LOL perfect! still winning.

Anonymous said...

I love love love your blog! Wanna make all the recipes!

Emma said...

I just made this and it is so tasty. Thank you so much xxx

Anonymous said...

Your food is so amazing. You're such an inspiration. Thank you for being so perfect. definitely buying your book xx