moustache magazine + water fast

hello, lovelies. i'm sorry i don't have much to share today in the way of recipes. but i do have an interview on a trendy australian website/magazine! it was really fun to do, and the girl who interviewed me is super cool.

check it out, if you want to! here's the link.

otherwise, i'm just gonna ramble about my upcoming cleanse and water fast. feel free to escape now. 

from wednesday, june 20th to friday, 29th i will on a 100% raw cleanse, having mostly liquids. i think i'll be consuming a lot of green juice and smoothies, as well as some fruit and veggie juice. i'll drink tea, water and raw nut milks too. why those 10 days? well, i've been wanting to go on a serious cleanse for a while and the other day i happened upon this site called cleanse america. if click the link - you will see it's a nation-wide raw food/liquid cleanse that 1,000,000 americans are participating in...

how rawsome is that!?

i know i don't live in america, but hey - why not support the cause! everyone could use a cleanse, not just our friends in the states. it's also perfect because if you read my blog regularly, you'll know i've been set on a 21-day water fast for quite some time now. before i begin, i know i'll have to go on a mostly liquid diet for a few days so i will be doing my fast after this cleanse. 

in other words - my fast will begin on the 30th of june!

i'm so excited. i know it will be freaking hard, and by the 5th day i'll probably want to give up, but i need this. i have been less connected to my spirit and my passion for raw food lately. i am looking at this as a major challenge that will put me in an extreme situation and hopefully allow my to see my priorities more clearly than i have been recently.

as i've said, i know my parents don't think it's the greatest idea. but i'm not an idiot (most of the time) and if anything gets too intense or serious i will stop. i'm not worried though. the human body is an incredible, magical machine and it can survive a whole lot of crap. 

people might think it's unhealthy and crazy to abstain from food for 21 days. well i think it's crazy that so many people stuff themselves with junk food relentlessly every day. it seems cleanse america has the same opinion and that's why they're doing what they're doing. it's time to take back our fitness, because as i've said before - we now have the capability to have the most healthful lifestyle and diet ever. ever! let's take advantage of this and thrive as human beings. 

we don't need to suffer from cancer, diabetes, heart diease, obesity, stroke, and other chronic illnesses that cause us and everyone we care about pain and money. 
let's listen to hippocrates: "let they food be thy medicine and they medicine be thy food".

health is our wealth.

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