22 Jun 2012

10 day juice fast: day 3

seriously... where are all of the terrible detox symptoms? today was another great day. i feel on top of the world. i've noticed all my senses are heightened. my emotions are also very strong, but easy to control. i feel quite light, as if i'm floating sometimes. i can feel every cell in my body and it's a magical experience.

last night i suddenly became very tired around 10 PM. i could hardly keep my eyes open. but after watching a movie with my friend i gained all the energy back! i wanted to run around and do everything at once. i couldn't sleep until 5 AM. i woke up at 11 AM or so, which is early for me. as i'm typing this - i'm realizing that's only 6 hours of sleep; yet i feel great!

my parents are being really understanding with this (PHEW!) and my mom bought me a bunch of fruit yesterday for the coming week of juice fasting. i cut up some pineapple this morning :) i need to get some more cucumbers, carrots, and celery though...

look at this beautiful juice! it is a work of art. it was made of:

handful baby heirloom tomatoes
2 carrots
2 stick celery
1 orange
1 apple
chunk of ginger
2 slices pineapple
2 bell peppers
1 kiwi
huge handful kale

YUM! looking at these photos is making me want more... maybe later. 

along with heightened senses, i am really appreciating music these past 3 days. i love my music and am so grateful i have the collection i do, but for a week or so leading up to the fast i was beginning to tire of listening. now...

forget it!

i am loving every single song that comes on, and i'm listening to it in a whole new way. so wonderful. i'm really in the best mood right now, and have been since i started fasting. i feel elated. 

my friend gave me this CD of radiohead remixes and it's so impressive. you probably won't like it - it's a bit weird - but give it a shot. i was listening to this song at the bus stop the other day and dancing (literally like no one is watching, i just don't care) when a man approached me and asked if i was aware i looked crazy. i said yes and thank you.

i had tons of positive energy today so i went downtown to buy a dress for my friend. on the way back it started raining and i soaked it up :) i stood on the street holding my arms out, staring at the sky. lovely! i could feel every drop hitting my skin and i was totally connected with the clouds.

for my second juice i used a papaya mom bought for me. the juice was made of:

1 orange
chunk of ginger
handful of baby heirloom tomotoes
2 slices pinapple
1 bell pepper
1 kiwi
huge handful lettuce
1 papaya
1 lime

i added some lime to the juice because whenever i eat papaya i put on lime juice. they're best friends and should always be together. 

i had a terrific bath today as well. i posted a link on facebook but if you didn't see it, no worries. all you need to know is to put olive in your next bath! it makes your skin sooooo soft. i added some lavender oil too, of course. 

tonight i'll be taking it easy. see you all tomorrow! love.


The Vegan Cookie Fairy said...

I'm thinking of doing a 3-day juice fast sometime soon... do you have any recipes for the juices you make?

Claire said...

The better you eat the less detox symptoms you get! It's like a present for eating well :) Your juices look absolutely divine, they remind me just how much I love juicing! Thanks xxx

Em von Euw said...

great idea! yes, i do :) i'll write some out today but honestly, the photos of all the fruit and veg you see on my cutting board are recipes! just juice all the plants you see there and that's what went in that glass of juice.

if you wanna do a juice fast i'd love to hear more about it!

Em von Euw said...

yahoo! :) karma? i think yes.

thank YOU, claire!

Anonymous said...

Getting extremely sleepy at 10PM is normal and healthy. You should have gone to bed. You regained energy because you forced your adrenal glands to produce adrenaline. That's why you felt elated and were up until 5AM. Do some research about circadian rhythm and adrenal health. It's great to do a juice detox, but you also have to work in harmony with your natural cycles or you will damage your adrenal glands - and they are very hard to heal!

Anonymous said...

what if I'm allergic to kiwi? Will it still work if I don't put it in?

Em von Euw said...

Yeah of course :D