23 Jun 2012

10 day juice fast: day 4

another great day. it sounds crazy but i'm almost wishing i get some detox symptoms soon! where's all that junk being stored??? i want it OUT. anyways - i am noticing i don't need as much sleep. i can't fall asleep before around 3 AM, yet i'm up and active by 11 AM. usually i need like 12 hours of sleep to function because, well...

i'm secretly a hibernating bear hybridized with a lazy cat.


so today i woke up at 11 and was PLANNING on doing some things around my room and the house before going to downtown to enjoy the city, buy some juice/groceries, give out sandwiches to the hungry, and end up staying over at my friend's house. my plan did not work out. my best friend (who moved to halifax a few years ago) called so we talked for 2 hours. then it started raining really hard which i LOVE - but not for walking around downtown. therefore i am staying in tonight and watching a movie with the family.

my first juice of the day was made of:

3 carrots
huge handful kale
1 kiwi
2 slices pineapple
handful of basil leaves
chunk of ginger
1 orange
1 apple
3 bell peppers

YUUUUUUM. that is all.

it was saturday so that means farmers market! but my mother doesn't like to wake me and she left when i was sleeping. i'll go next week. she bought cherries, carrots, strawberries, and a few other wonderful, organic plants. i REALLY need to buy some cukes, tomatoes, celery and bell peppers though. i'm all out.

look at the pretty layers from when i took off the lid of my juicer :) 

my dinner juice was made of:

1 grapfruit
1 orange
1 kiwi
1 huge handful kale
1/2 lemon
chunk of ginger
5 carrots
2 slices pinapple
handful of strawberries - OMG this makes it 

today i wanted to connect with the juicing world via the internet (otherwise i'm on my own for this fast) and i happened across "linda's blog". i like the way she explains why she juice fasts:

"We all will defrag our hard drives. We’ll all clean out our bags and purses and wallets. We’ll all clean out our cars when they are feeling too full of stuff. Same for closets and cupboards. Well, this is the same thing. Juice fasts have a way of cleaning out what isn’t needed - there’s usually some taking stock, some rest, some more energy to put towards sweating, etc." - Linda's Blog 


The Seasonal Family said...

Just came across your blog recently and I started a juice fast yesterday! I ended up caving and eating raw organic almond butter with an apple in the evening. But perhaps my day was too intense, I am married with two kids, so I was up at 5am after going to bed at 11, then we went to the market around 8, strawberry picking at 9:30 (when I ate a few fresh picked strawberries), juiced in the morning, brought juice to the strawberry patch, made a juice when we got back, juiced in the early evening before picking weeds for 3 hours in our garden, then was wiped. Ate the apple, went to bed at 9:30.

Sorry I'm new to your blog and I just wrote a blog post in your comment section. Anyway, it's exciting to read someone else's venture. I wish I had friends who would embark on the journey with me. Not sure how long I'm going to do this, was thinking 3 days. Then probably do it again in a couple weeks. I've been vegan for a little while and I'm hoping this summer will b ring lots of health and wellness my way!

Anonymous said...

I'm starting with you tomorrow! It's Definatley time whenever im eating food I'm thinking "why am i eating right now?" I'm nervous but hoping I can go 5days allowing myself fruit and avocado if needed!

Em von Euw said...

YAY!! :D i'm so excited! email me if you like or comment on my fasting posts and we can do this together :)

you CAN do this.

Em von Euw said...

hello! i wouldn't worry. that sounds like a pretty delicious thing to cave on. plus and our situations are VERY different. there's always tomorrow ;)

woohoo! 3 days is a great amount of time to get the feel for it, and it's summer! i enjoyed reading your comment and hope to see more in the future!

i really love your blog. your family, recipes and photos are beautiful.
cheers <3

The Seasonal Family said...

Thanks for the encouragement Emily, it's hard making my family food and not being able to eat it, but I find that the more I juice the more I crave it. Last summer my husband splurged and bought me "Living Raw Food" by Sarma and I've been following some of her juices, along with my own concoctions. I really thought I would feel more of a detox as well, but perhaps I need to keep going in order to feel it? Not sure... a little disappointed too, as I knew it would be a good sign that my body was releasing hidden toxins.

My blog is definitely a mix of this and that - I try to get others excited to just change their diets slightly and eat more whole foods. All of your recipes look fantastic, especially those desserts! When I'm ready to add sweeteners back into my diet, I'm going to give them a try :) - Kristin

Em von Euw said...

that would be tough! my friend came over the other night and made a delicious salad for her dinner. grrr! all i'm craving as far as food goes is salad. maybe raw pasta with avocado sauce. but nothing cooked, which is interesting.

the possibilities for juice are ENDLESS :D
i guess if we aren't getting much detox it means we're pretty clean already? maybe. we'll see how these last 5 days go...

that's great. same thing i'm trying to do here. yay! tell me if you like them when you try them!

Anonymous said...

I'm super lightheaded today, Definatley craving some lucious salads too. I want kale with tahini! I felt amazing and didn't need any juice till 10, and I get up at 630 so I was proud of myself. I have a slight headache that comes and goes.im doing tomorrow too but back to some more raw foods on Wednesday!

Em von Euw said...

good job! yess.. i cannot WAIT to eat a salad fresh from my garden with tomatoes and cucumber. i've found i'm only craving raw food.

these last few days i've definitely had a drop in energy too. when i run too much or go up stairs i feel lightheaded. hmph!

congrats on the cleansing :) i love to hear about it.