23 May 2012

lavender vanilla dream balls

i dreamt about these, woke up and wrote down the recipe, then went back to sleep. hence the "dream" part of the title. all my dream recipes are so much better than reality ones.

these were a big hit. my family loved them and so did my friends. i really tried to do something sans chocolate, but hey - can you blame me? i'm sorry i dipped these delicious, healthy treats in dark chocolate.

sue me.

you can leave out the chocolate, but - no surprise - i recommend adding it. chocolate and lavender seem to like each other, and who am i to deny them a great relationship?

for some reason the coconut oil in these did not want to be part of the party. i only put in about 2 tablespoons but it wouldn't combine with the other ingredients! you can see it soaking into the cutting board... hopefully this won't happen for you. start with 1 tablespoon and see what it does.

after rolling out all the balls with my friend, we had coconut oil dripping from our hands - literally! so i just rubbed it all over my body. yum! i love when the food i eat is also the stuff i put on my skin to keep it glowing and healthy. like avocados, bananas, oats, papaya, lemon, mango, etc.

vanilla lavender balls: makes around 25?

1/2 cup coconut chunks
1 cup walnuts
1 cup cashews
3/4 cup dates
1-2 tb melted coconut oil
1-2 tb agave/maple syrup (optional)
1/2 t salt
1/2 t cinnamon
1/8 t ginger powder
seeds from 1 vanilla pod
2 t vanilla extract
1 t dried lavender
2-3 tb hemp seeds

in food processor, process coconut chunks and nuts until they're crumb sized. add dates and pulse until it clumps together. add all other ingredients and process until it forms into a ball.

roll this into balls and then dip in raw chocolate, or melted dark chocolate. stick 'em in the fridge for maybe 10-15 minutes and then gobble them up.


Unknown said...

wow...! you just made me hungry..can you ship some in my apartment ? They look so delicious!!

Em von Euw said...

ha ha! thanks, lys =) theyre really yummy. one of my favourite things ive made so far actually. i love lavender!!!

Maggie said...

I've actually never used lavender in a recipe before, but after seeing this (and your cheesecake post) I really want to try it! I guess it's just kind of like an herb, but for desserts?

Em von Euw said...

do it! =) mmm... cheesecake. yeah you're totally right - a herb for dessert! i like that. it adds a light, delicate floral flavour.

Maria @ Little Miss Cornucopia said...

Beautiful photos! I love raw balls lol and these look and sound divine! I've never used lavender in anything before but after this post, I'm willing to give it a try. It's one of my very favorite scents so I imagine it's just as good to eat :) I do the same thing with coconut oil btw, it definitely does the body good :)

Bridget said...

Hmm maybe the dissociation of the coconut oil had to do with it being warm and melted? Or maybe because there's not really a "powder" or "flour" base to absorb it? I'm not quite sure, who knows, but I'm sure if you put these in the fridge you'd have no problem! Regardless these look delish, I love lavender! and totally feel you on the addition of chocolate...Thumbs up for sure =)

Em von Euw said...

oh yeeaahh, raw vegan balls ;) woot! i'm sure you'll love it. coconut oil is the best too!

Em von Euw said...

yeah that makes sense, bridget. they were way better after being the fridge for a few minutes. mhm! is there anything chocolate doesn't improve??

Anonymous said...

Wow great recipes and creativity! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! -Natalie, rawfitnesstv.com

Em von Euw said...

wow thanks so much, natalie! much appreciated =)

Anonymous said...

I now consider dates a miracle food! While I am not a fan of eating just dates by themselves, I have used dates in every vegan dessert I have ever made!

Em von Euw said...

yes, oh my goodness. i hadn't even heard of them until i went raw. they are now a staple.

Anonymous said...

Can you use almonds instead of cashews?

Em von Euw said...

@Anon - yes you can use almonds instead of cashews :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... my friend and I made these together and they were SO delicious!! Thanks for posting such wonderful recipes and inspiring people with your creativity :)

Unknown said...

Sooo good! Just made some for a meeting at work and they almost did t make it out of the house :) thank you for this awesome recipe :)