YAY! So yesterday my mom bought me, my parents and my little brother our plane tickets to MEXICO!


We're going in late February. Less than a month. And it gets even better. A week before we leave for Mexico, we're going to Tofino (on Vancouver Island) for 5 days. We go to Tofino every year, and it's the ultimate west coast vacation. Cold, rainy and beautiful. Huge trees, big rocks, and a heck of a lot of ocean, sand, and surfboards. I will always love it. 
I'd live on Van island for sure, if only I could grow the bounty of fruit that I need to live =( That's okay though, like I said, we have been going every year since I was like 9 or something. We stay here.

And it's honestly the greatest place in the world!!!! AGHH! Sorry, I'm sort of freaking out right now, seeing pics of it and knowing it's that time of year when we return to our cottage. If you're thinking about vacationing in Tofino - stop thinking. Go. 

West Coast is da BEST COAST. Don't argue. 

Tofino for me means relaxing time with the fam; long, wet beach walks; hikes through ancient forests; hot chocolate; board games; and lots of laughter and memories. It has become a part of every member of my family, and will stay that way for ever.
(I hope to stay predominantly raw in Tofino, but I can't promise anything.)

On to Mexico! I'm so stoked. You don't understand. We're staying at this crazy-gorgeous resort with my uncle and aunt. I know, I know - big resort - "Oh, it's not environmentally friendly, there's no real culture, etc." I KNOW, OKAY. But I just don't care. I get to spend a week in the Mexican sun with my loved ones, and have a great time with all the fruit I could imagine... perhaps meet a gorgeous raw vegan Mexican boy? Fingers crossed.

And I was actually surprised and pleased to find that this resort has been given an environmental resort management award every year for the past few years! So it's not ALL bad. In fact, there ain't nothin' bad about this. This will be an amazing experience and I cant hardly contain my excitement!!!

I've been to Mexico once before (also with the parents and my lil bro) and it is something I remember fondly and day dream about a lot. Family, food, beach, dancing, memories. Just one of those times. I had so much fun, and I can't really describe it. But I'm sure you know what I mean.

In Mexico this year, I plan to stay all raw... HOW CAN YOU NOT?! Look at all that fruit. 50% of my excitement right now is about being able to eat all this exotic, fresh fruit for a week!!! I'm not gonna bring any technology with me (why would you...?!) so I won't be blogging during these two vacations. But I WILL be keeping journals every day and taking tons of pics - duh. So I'll be able to tell ya what happened when I get home.

At this point, all I'm thinking about are these vacays:
When I wake up - "TOFINO. MEXICO. YES. SOON."

I don't know if I can wait...
Please - universal, supernatural force of the cosmos; 
grant me the power to contain myself and not explode with excitement, 
until we get to Tofino and Mexico.