This Is How I Roll

*Check out the general recipe for this, here.

On Friday my mom went grocery shopping and bought rice paper because she couldn't find any nori sheets. Rice paper isn't raw but I was interested because it's a common raw food ingredient in dishes. I'd never used it before so I wasn't sure how my Saturday night dinner would turn out... but it went deliciously well!
I suggest you try it ASAP, seeing how easy and yummy it is.

 I have an adoration for bad translations.

I had a ripe avocado handy (don't you love it when that happens?) so I added that to some other chopped veggies - bell pepper, corn, and tomato - and put a bit of Bragg's and walnut-parma on them. Then I soaked the rice paper for a minute in warm water and it got REALLY soft and pliable. I rolled up the veggies in the paper with no major mishaps and had the rolls with some fresh-made kale chips and small glass of red wine while I waited for my friend to come over.

You can never eat too many kale chips.
My friend, Eva, got to my house and we listened to jazz and drank wine for awhile - lovely. Then it was time to party! I had quite a fun night, but this morning...

Not so good.

What could possibly cure the all-too-well-known hangover? A GREEN SMOOTHIE!

Just look at all the life in there!

I'm finishing it now and already feel a million times better. That and a shower are really all I need to get back to normal. Now, about that Philosophy studying I was gonna do...