20 Oct 2011

elixir of life

I drink this everyday and if I can't, I crave it. It gives me energy to gets me through my day until dinner, hours later. It keeps me full, lean, energetic, happy, glowing, and ALIVE!
I buy my greens from our farmer's market or pick them from our garden, and you should too! =)
Who wants pesticide soup? Not Me. Support organic, local produce.

This is a super-duper basic recipe, I never measure anything, just add things according to taste. Don't add too many greens at once because if it's too bitter you'll have to add more banana, water, dates or other stuff and before you know it you have a pitcher of smoothie that you can't finish yourself and that's only good fresh... uh oh. Don't wanna waste those precious greenies. 

Green Smoothie of LIFE: makes 1 monster smoothie (about 4 cups)

Handful of dino kale (or any other edible dark, leafy green)
Handful of rainbow chard (or any other edible green)
Stick of Celery
Half cucumber
Small handful cilantro or other herbs
Bit of ginger, chopped
Pinch of salt
Juice of 1/2 lemon/lime
1 cup coconut water (electrolytes!) or water
1/8 teaspoon stevia, or a few dates, or a bit of agave - I like things sweet =)
Frozen banana, chopped
2 frozen strawberries, optional

That's all, folks! Blend them all up 'til it's smooth and creamy and sip away. I drink them in my mason jar with a straw and before I know it, the jar is empty.

Like I said, the possibilities here are endless, there's no use in even naming a few because that list will never end! Have fun and enjoy the vitality these smoothies bring.
Let me know your favourite recipe!


Laura said...

adding a Kiwifruit to this recipe tastes amazing!

Em von Euw said...

YUM! i bet. i'll add one next time. thanks, laura :)

Chronicles of Jane said...
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Anonymous said...

Sooo yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Em von Euw said...

haha thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever use a juicer instead of blender? I have read that its more nutritious using a juicer. Love your blog! I find it hard to believe you are so young,as you are so wise...I think you must be a very old soul! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily.

I don't know how you came up with this recipe, but I'm surprised how good this is. I've never really liked vegetables much. But after I tasted this I can't wait to try out some more (all) of your recipes. This is most likely my first but most important step to a much healthier diet/life. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work you are doing. :-)

Take care

Em von Euw said...

Aw thanks VERY much, Casper =) I really appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

This smoothie is magical!! I can't wait to try more of your recipes!

Another Emily :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily
I love this smoothie!! Have you ever used frozen kale for this recipe? (I'd like to keep on using my home-grown kale all winter long) If yes, do you use one of the following methods?:blanch your kale first, pop fresh kale directly into the freezer, put it in the food processor with liquid and then frees it, or maybe something else altogether. Your help would be appreciated!


Em von Euw said...

Yeah! I literally just stuck kale leaves in ziploc bags and then put them in the freezer :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thanks
Great Blog... I've made a number of the recipes and vegans and non-vegans alike love them. Thanks!!!! K

Anonymous said...

I had one of these yesterday, and today. I feel awesome. Raw is new to me. I am curious. Do you make in large or small batches and do you store for several days? I am wondering the effect on the nutrition.
Thank you for such an easy and tasty recipe. I think this is an easy start for anyone.

Em von Euw said...

Woo! Great to hear :D I make one serving at a time (usually one smoothie a day) and drink it within 20 minutes. If this isn't possible or practical for you, it's okay to make some a day in advance but it's really best to consume it within about 20 minutes so you get max nutrition :)

lynn said...

That looks sooooo good. Will definitly have to try this one is so healthy. Id make it for work.

Anonymous said...

"Do you ever use a juicer instead of blender? I have read that its more nutritious using a juicer. Love your blog! I find it hard to believe you are so young,as you are so wise...I think you must be a very old soul! :)


January 04, 2013 7:06 pm"

No, it doesn`t. Juice has more glucose than a blend because juice has no fiber, so a blend keep all fiber wich contains a great quantity of nutrients that your body will need. Yes, juice can be more easy to drink, but glucose makes the difference.


GShez said...

Hi Emily,
I love your blog, especially the gorgeous pictures!
I found out about it through an Aussie magazine, Birdee, just in time to start a 30 day vegan challenge with my family!
I am loving all your smoothies, but my mum is allergic to banana, so I was wondering if there was an alternative we could use to keep the smoothies creamy :)

Kelsie E said...

@GShez: how about a pear? Slice it thin before freezing though!

This smoothie is AWESOME! I added kiwi as per Laura's recommendation, a couple handfuls of green grapes, and subbed sweet basil instead of cilantro because it's my favorite herb in the world. I left out the celery just because I'm not a fan. I added water to my glass after I finished the smoothie just so I could get a last drink of that wonderful flavor (watered down though it was). Mmm!

Jayne said...

I never was much of a green smoothie fan but the way you've combined these flavours is delicious. I too now crave this every morning. I add a little more ginger and lime, but thats just me. Thankyou!!!!!

Unknown said...

This is delicious. I added pink grapefruit instead of strawberries & some ground almonds as I was hungry. Fabulous. Thank you for all the amazing recipes.

avanadel said...

Emily you have been a phenomenal role model for myself as a vegan as well as my vegan parents! Going to make this as part of my breakfast after my butt kicking boot camp tomorrow :)