26 Oct 2011

the dairy dilemma

You must forget everything the media and your momma (who's only been influenced by the media) have told you about milk. The dairy board is extremely powerful. Plain and simple.

All dairy is, is nasty antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals they pump into the poor dairy cows to keep them alive in their disgusting factory farms. If they didn't have all these drugs in them, they'd die immediately because the conditions are so dirty and gross.
They don't even feed them the right food, so the milk you're drinking isn't from a healthy animal. All their stress, pain and fear while alive creates disease in their bodies. I don't want that in mine. I also don't want to support the immoral treatment of dairy cows.

If you don't believe dairy cows are treating cruelly, watch Earthlings
Beware though, it's not for the faint of heart... it's reality. 
So even if you don't care that the cows were treated like dirt, I would hope you care about your own body. Milk causes all sorts of serious health problems. From osteoporosis (you heard me), to cancer, to diabetes, to kidney stones, the list goes on and on. I'm not kidding, people.

Why do we drink milk? Vitamin D, calcium, and protein, mainly.
Vitamin D: We should really only get from the sun, period. Maybe 10-20 minutes a day in sunlight. So go for a walk.
Calcium: Because milk is acidifying, and our bodies require an alkaline environment; we try to buffer the acidity with calcium.We can't use the calcium in milk anyways so our bodies have to LEECH CALCIUM FROM OUR BONES. Yep, that's right. Over time, milk thins your bones, doesn't strengthen them.
The very-absorbable calcium found in broccoli, other greens and plant foods strengthens your bones.
Protein: Ever heard of a protein deficiency? Me either. That's because we hardly need any protein to survive. Many call it the Protein Myth. It's just not something you need to worry about, unless you're a bodybuilder. In which case, eat some hemp seeds and spinach.

If you want to learn more about the TRUE FACTS of what milk does to your body, read The China Study. It is called the "the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted" for a reason.

Milk is not meant for us. Firstly: we aren't weening babies anymore so we shouldn't be drinking any kind of milk anymore. Secondly: WHY ARE WE DRINKING THE MILK OF ANOTHER SPECIES? Do you see piglets suckling at the tit of lions? No, because that wouldn't make any sense... see my point?

Would you do this? Of course not.. Then why do you drink milk?

If you must indulge on dairy, I seriously recommend you only buy local, non-pasteurized, humanely-milked dairy. If not for the cows - do it for YOUR HEALTH and the health of your FAMILY!
"Too expensive", you say? Then buy almond/rice/coconut/soy/cashew or any other non-dairy milk! It's cheaper and doesn't go bad. You can even make it yourself in bulk and save more money. This is far better for you than the best organic milk out there.
"Non-pasteurized - that's not safe", you say? If the only way you feel comfortable eating something is if it's been heated so that it basically kills the food and all it's nutrients... maybe you just shouldn't eat that food.

So what should you have INSTEAD of dairy? I mean, who doesn't like cheese, milk, ice cream, yogurt, or butter?! As humans, we love creamy fats. It's only natural. I will be posting a ton of raw vegan better-than-dairy recipes, and...
Luckily, there are countless other delicious plant-based alternatives. You won't miss a thing. Right now, I'm currently making two wheels of aged nut cheeses for X-mas! Recipe soon!

Here are two sites that list a few alternatives:
If you've got any questions about dairy or anything else, please contact me! =) 
Now, on to banana splits!


Just the Goods said...

Love love LOVE this post! thank you! It covers all of the reasons I'm so glad I'm allergic to milk (I might not have discovered the harm it causes quite so soon were it not for this natural deterrent!) + your post has really great images ;-) haha!

Aleksandra said...

I used to like diary products but not anymore. The fact that cows are in massive farms and they dont have "happy life" is terrifying! the milk is definitely not a "happy product", its hormones and stress. Why would people even drink that?
I recently read and watched some of the movies about diary products, and I believe you! I believe all vegans but im a scientist. Im looking for scientific journal, book (with references, results etc) showing actual effects on bones and body condition. I found some, but they are too general. Some of them say that milk can cause Ca being removed from bodies (and in the end they say that we can minimise the effect by eating more veggies). I dont know anybody else to have strong background about this stuff so please:) help! :))

kathryn williams said...

i'm so happy to read your post - just the positive reinforcement i needed at this very moment. i've suffered for YEARS, in fact almost a DECADE with chronic sinusitis and ear infections and vertigo and allergies..... the list goes on and on. the only dairy that i took into my body was in my daily coffee, every once-in-a-while from yogurt, and from a couple of slices of cheese per day. i've naturally never been a big fan. so i randomly decided to experiment about three weeks ago and stopped consuming dairy and voila! -my sinuses feel GREAT. i haven't felt this good since childhood.

how scary is that? (but good for me just the same!)

Beth said...

I'm with you 100% on the evils of milk - but that aside - please be aware that you need to NOT BATH for 48!!! that's right 48 hours in order to absorb the vit D that has formed on the SURFACE of the skin when getting it from the sun. Unless you give up washing your skin you will need to get vit D somewhere else but from the sun. I am sure there are plenty of healthy vegan food sources you can rather use (that don't destroy all the vit C and A in your skin, cause cancer, aging.. you get my point...)

Em von Euw said...

Good thing I don't like showering!

Meadhbh said...

Hi Emily,

Just wanted to say your blog is FANTASTIC- especially for the dairy intolerant like myself and I am a huge supporter of organic + free range farming for the simple reason: animals deserve to enjoy their life too. And the best way I've found to do that is to go as local as possible with the food I eat. Thank you for posting such amazing recipes. Cannot wait to try them!


Jo Htz said...

Agreed 1000 times about the milk / dairy!
But regarding protein deficiency, are you sure it does not exist? I would believe our muscles cells must be renewed one way or another no (as would indicate this article: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2011/12/could-you-be-protein-deficient-here-are-the-hidden-signs/) no?