30 Sep 2014


This recipe for chocolate coconut peppermint cups is special because my mom - who doesn't like sweets - actually ate a whole one all by herself. Usually she just has a bite of my dessert recipes to be polite but when I offered her a chomp of mine last night and she tried it... I never got it back. Although I was looking forward to eating it myself (did not happen), I was more importantly just excited that she liked them enough to eat a whole one. It's probably because they taste so damn fresh; I recommend you eat these after lunch or dinner to leave your mouth feeling minty clean. The only ingredients are coconut, carob, maple syrup and mint. The best things in life are simple, or at least the best recipes are. I've made a recipe similar to this one before but my photo skills were not as developed then, plus I just wanted to make these again and figured I may as well give ya a new recipe. I can't imagine anyone complaining about this.

Now you might be thinking that I'm a jerk. Why? Because a few months ago I was writing posts claiming I was gonna start sharing more low-fat recipes and schtuff. But then I come out with recipes like this that have coconut as a main ingredient. Well here's what I have to say: it's okay to eat fat. For awhile there I deceived myself into believing coconut, avocado, and nuts were to be avoided and I stayed away from them for months. But gradually I noticed a loss in energy and my skin becoming dry so I introduced fat-dense foods back in my diet and the problems vanished. I still do best when I eat mostly carbs (i.e. fruits and veggies), but it's equally important to recognize the necessity of fats even if I don't need to consume much of them. Basically after going through a period of 'fear of nuts' silliness I am back to where I was before all this 'low-fat' talk: eating mostly fruits, greens and some veggies along with a little bit of wholesome plant-based fats everyday. And how do I get that "little bit"? By eating recipes like this! In fact I was preachin' this years ago. I consider my high-fat dessert recipes largely my fat intake for the day. I drink giant fruit smoothies and green smoothies all day, then enjoy a big dinner of steamed or baked veggies and grains and finally for dessert (or as a snack in the day somewhere) I'll chow down on something like this to give my body the fats it needs to go on thrivin'. Make sense? Even if you aren't down with this, I am still gonna try to be a not-jerk and provide you with low-fat dessert options from now on. Most of my newer recipes include these options (or they're already low-fat). When it comes to savoury recipes - which I really am trying to share more of, I promise - they're almost always low-fat/close to fat-free, because I prefer getting my fats in raw vegan brownies and other amazing healthy treats (waaay more fun then forcing yourself to swallow a tablespoon of flax oil everyday).

MY POINT IS: listen to yo bod and do what makes you feel best.

{Makes around five}

Chocolate part:
3 tablespoons coconut oil
Pinch sea salt
2 tablespoons carob powder
1 tablespoon maple syrup 

Peppermint part:
3 tablespoons coconut butter
1 tablespoon maple syrup 
2-5 drops peppermint essential oil 
2 tablespoons chopped peppermint leaves 

Place the coconut butter in a small pot and put on low heat until it melts, then take off heat and stir in the rest of the ingredients. Follow the same instructions for the peppermint part. Scoop the peppermint mixture into cupcake papers and put in the freezer until solid, then cover the tops in a thin layer of chocolate, freeze until solid again and finally dip the bottoms and sides into the remaining chocolate mixture.

Low-fat option: use thick date paste instead of coconut oil. This will change the texture but it'll still taste awesome. 

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  1. I hear ya about the fat thing, I went through a phase where I was getting really obsessive about my diet and following the gurus, but eventually it comes down to who you are and what you feel comfortable doing and eating. Your body image post has helped me out a lot considering I gained some weight after being on a special healing diet and have been trying to get back to where I was but can't seem to. I'm learning that I'm the best judge of what health looks like for me and my body is beautiful even if there is some fat on it! xoxox thanks for all your honesty in your posts!

  2. Where is the (low- fat) option of this recipe?
    I'm just confused because coconut oil is extremely fatty.

  3. I love my fats! These look amaaaazing (as usual). Glad your mom liked them and I can't wait to try these! I have a huge sweet tooth so I have no problem with all the dessert recipes, haha.

  4. Hej Em! I noticed you use coconut oil and coconut butter. Is there an essential difference between the two?
    I'm a bit confused because in your first sentence you say: "Place the coconut butter in a small pot and put on low heat until the coconut oil melts,"

  5. These look SO good! I may have been drooling over the photos a little. :)
    I also really loved what you said about eating fats - they're such an important part of our diet. I always like reading about where you're at with your diet. It's so interesting to see how unique everyone's body and needs are and what makes different people thrive!

  6. Is there a reason why you didn't mention beans in your listing of food you eat, Emily?

    Also, I wonder what has gotten you in the low fat trap in the first place? Was it the growing popularity of this lifestyle? I find those Australian banana heads with their weird and nonsensically guidelines just pathetic. There is absolutely no scientific base for almost all of their claims as they're completely uneducated in the field of nutrition, biochemistry and biology.

  7. Hi Emily, These look amazing. I love chocolate and peppermint!!!

    We NEED fat, and coconut, avocado, and nuts are some of the healthiest ways to get it. I'm so happy you added it back in to your diet.

    I don't believe in diets. I believe in a healthy lifestyle. If you eat whole, plant based food, and avoid processed foods (yes, even plant based processed foods are not so good), then there is no reason to take on a trendy diet, or avoid any one type of food, such as carbs,fats, sugar.... Every time one of my friends goes on a crazy diet they lose a ton of weight and then gain it all back and then some. It makes me crazy!!! :)

  8. "Scared of Nuts" I so want to make a joke not about you about me,haha. I said enough about that. Eat more, Avocados are your friend and might I add Em. your gorgeoooooooooouuuusss creation ---first uncookbook with that stacked avocado and chocolate. Amazing recipe there! And Em. I understand being afraid of food. Ive been like that since I was 9years old Im 34.... I fear granola and actually try to stay away from it. And of course all the vegans kind of make me feel bad due to the fact im at home with #munchies all night eating cow cheese - yep Im bad to the bone. Well I love you man! Sending phatty green love to you from las vegas always. xoxo
    p.s. your truly blessed with great health, I have not sent anymore hospital selfies to anyone.Just you , you lucky ladie. But I definitely am very sick still and am using herbs to try and heal whats wrong, skin lesions and all.

  9. I'm recovering from an eating disorder and this recipe scares me... However it looks absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to have the guts to make it :)

  10. Like Linda said,
    It is unnecessary fear. Your body need at least 1/3 of saturated fats. they are used by cells to maintain correct cells membrane and optimize exchanges between the cells and the exterior world.

    coconut oil, fat from macadamia nuts and fat from fish are far better than red meat :)

  11. Tried to make Chocolate Coconut Peppermint bites and hmmmmmm "heaven". Thanks for sharing.

  12. @Anonymous - I still love eating beans sometimes! But it's not an everyday food for me. And yeah I was into the whole raw til 4 thing - it can be great for some people but I just gotta stick to my own logic and eat what makes ME feel best instead of following rules.

  13. @Jil - oh woops! coconut butter is pure coconut meat blended up, while coconut oil is only the fat of the coconut. I mean "Place the coconut butter in a small pot and put on low heat until it melts" :)

  14. @Anonymous - it says it under the recipe instructions: Low-fat option: use thick date paste instead of coconut oil. This will change the texture but it'll still taste awesome.

  15. These look so good! I agree we really have to listen to our bodies. I love munching on snacks like these during the day too and feel great doing it. Getting copious amounts of fruits and veggies is where its at for sure! Go u for listening to signs your body is giving u and not caving to some trend.

  16. This recipe looks great. Are you using coconut butter for the chocolate part and the peppermint part,not any coconut oil?

  17. Hey Emily, I agree to eat what you want. But in reality, it may be the bacteria who live within you that tell your brain what is good to eat and what isn't good.

    The type of bacteria can change rapidly depending on what you eat. Changing a mediterannean diet to a north-american diet is brutal.

  18. Is this what you mean by coconut butter?

    The coconut manna from nutiva?



  19. @sunshine2 - you can use coconut butter for both but i used coco oil for the choco ;)

  20. Yayy, earlier I finally received my carob powder in the mail. Therefore, I was ready to make these peppermint patties. I've been waiting since I first saw your post.

    On to my review :)
    these are tasty and funny in their own way. The peppermint butter part is super delicious. The carob part is funny...weird undertone of sour that goes away (makes me laugh in my head), and coconut oil reminds me of gouda cheese (gag).

    But hey. These are yummy. Keeper recipe. And maybe mine will turn out prettier next time ;) I definitely don't know how yours came out so beautiful. And your peppermint part is so...white. Ha, mine is green leafed and a light tan-green type color. It's all good though. :)

    Oh, and I made mine in mini cupcake wrappers. :') A little paper on the carob part doesn't hurt. ;)

  21. ^Me again! I had leftover peppermint butter, so I made another small batch (5 mini cupcake sizes). THIS time I Pam-sprayed the cupcake linings, so no paper love for me ;)

    Also: I used your chocolate recipe from your 'chocolate maca truffles'

  22. These look great. Kathryn, you could use raw cacao powder instead of carob.

  23. My husband would love these, we are peppermint people :) Definitely making these soon!


  24. Can I replace carob powder with cocoa powder?

  25. Can I replace carob powder with cocoa powder?