27 May 2016


Music recommendation of the daaaay: Jamie xx's new-ish album "In Colour". Check out this song to get into it. Music is saaaaving me and getting my through this heartbreak. Seriously, don't know what I'd do without it. On that note, a tragedy has struck (besides Jack baaasically dumping me and me having anxiety attacks every morning): MY 160GB IPOD HAS DIED. It was well well weeeell loved so it doesn't come as a shock. But I need to find another one soon, and since they don't make them anymore, it's to Craiglist I venture with tentative hope. Plus I don't like buying new stuff anyways. It's good that Apple is on board with LGBTQ+ justice but their labour practices are not ok. Capitalism.... *uncomfortable moan*. 

25 May 2016


First off: listen to this song. UNGH YES. Moving on: this recipe has a secret superfood ingredient: apple cider vinegar. I know the smell of it makes some folks wanna puke (i.e. my whole family) but its health benefits are so REAL so I wanna show ya'll a way to add it into your diet in a super yummy way. Lez go.


Hey, all. Hope we are doing ok today. I'm getting by. My heart will be broken for a long time, but I need to focus on moving on, being strong, learning lessons and growing as a human; without a particular person who I thought would always be by my side. I want more than ANYTHING IN THE WORLD for them to call me so we can be together again, taking care of each other in this strange universe. But they don't love me anymore, not like they used to. They have found a new life, a new lover, and don't need me like I need them. I never realized how deep my love for them was: they were my lifeline, my rock, my world, my best friend and life partner. I took that for granted. I think of them constantly: everything from dogs to farmers markets to music is a trigger. I let myself daydream that one day they will call, but it's an unhealthy habit because it's probably false hope. They really seem to be totally fine without me. That is one part of this that hurts the most. But thank GOODNESS time just keeps passing by: each day gets easier. And out of the woodwork have come all these amazing, inspiring, kind persons who want me to know they are here for me if I need to talk, need a hug, need to cry on a shoulder. For all the hundreds of comments from you, my cyber family, I thank you. You've given me heartfelt fuel to go on, have confidence in myself and remember that this pain will pass and once I am on the other end of this horrific journey I will be a better version of myself. Thank you, everyone.

21 May 2016


This is the fourth post in a self-care and body-care series I am doing in collaboration with Luminance Skin Care, an organic vegan skincare company that I love. This post also includes a face mask GIVEAWAY! Enter below by commenting on this blog post: comment with a question you might have about Luminance, skin care, face masks or whatever! The Luminance team will answer all your queries. Also, you can get a free enzyme mask if you buy something from Luminance's online shop and mention my blog's name at checkout!