20 Jul 2016


This is a travel post. I am currently on a month-long road trip with mum, across the USA to Minnesota and back home again to Vancouver, Canada. We are staying with friends, family and our tent along the way. Originally she was supposed to do this trip on her own but after I had my heart smashed into a million pieces AND simultaneously suffered a mental health crisis, she invited me with her and I figured it was pretty much the best idea ever. I was not wrong. We've had a ton of wonderful experiences together already and I know there's only more to come. 

The photos in this post are from the beginning of the trip, when we stayed with raaad friends on Bainbridge Island near Seattle. There were wild apple trees and berry bushes everywhere, tons of nourishing meals made from scratch enjoyed around the fire, mud masks on the beach, and a lovely kitty. It was a magical few days that were ripe with spiritual power and emotional rawness, sisterhood, non-judgement and healing. 

14 Jul 2016


Honey, you have not LIIIVED until you have tried nice cream WITH hot oats. I don't know what the heck I was doing before Sophie showed me The Way. The contrast of cold and hot is perfect, and it's an even better way to eat dessert for breakfast everyday and still eat healthy. Note: this bowl IS super decadent, I couldn't even finish mine (unheard of), but I will be sharing simpler nice cream + oats bowls in the future because I am so ON this train now. There is no going back. And it may seem like a bunch of extra work and time to make oats AND nice cream but it's really not: you can blend up the nice cream, scoop it into a bowl, and rinse out the blender all while the oats are cooking.

11 Jul 2016


I am living for music right now. I've gone out dancing a bunch in the past month and cannot wait til the next underground party comes my way. Generally speaking - and at the risk of sounding like a jerk - I don't like most clubs because the crowd is too mainstream and heteronormative for my taste, and I don't like most popular dance music (except for Mariah Carey: omg.) But if you look under the surface a tiny bit, Vancouver has a terrific after-hours trance/house/alt electronic music scene that provides all the groovy audio moods I need...

Onto blueberry bars and [vegan] ice cream!

8 Jul 2016


I am on a month-long, nation-wide road trip with my mother. We are driving (well, she is driving… I can’t drive) across the mid west of America to our family in Minnesota, and meeting new and old friends along the way. This is our fifth day and so far: so good. We’ve been witnessing spectacular landscapes; from forested mountain towns and berry-filled islands to rolling pasture lands and rugged buttes. We’ve laughed hysterically at pretty much nothing at all - which is something I can only really do with my mum - taken part in DIY healing ceremonies, very long group hugs, looooots of fireworks and more. The first few days of the trip we stayed with friends on an island outside Seattle, right on the water. The days were filled with amazing food (like smoothies, maca almond butter!?, pasta with fresh picked greens, fruity oatmeal, apple juice made with apples from the front yard, grilled corn, raw chocolate and massive salads) spiritual cleansing(?), philosophical discussions and beach fires. It was a period of peace, love and openness that mom and I both agree helped us construct emotional armour for the coming trip and more generally this time in our lives.