12 Apr 2018


I am very excited to share this recipe with all of you. It is a powerful drink that I make sure to have every morning because of its big time benefits. I have noticed improvements in my mood, energy, motivation and sleep since I began blending this up daily a couple months ago.

As many of you might know, mental illness - depression and anxiety - is a serious bummer in my day-to-day. It makes it challenging for me to enjoy life, get out of bed, or see the point in anything. I am constantly trying to tweak my lifestyle habits to help alleviate these symptoms of hopelessness, fatigue, and worry. I have taken medication in the past and am 100% an advocate of it if it's right for you. That being said, I am attempting to do all I can within my diet, exercise routine, sleep schedule, and spiritual self-care to boost my mood without the need for pharmaceuticals. I have been feeling SO GOOD these past several months, and this recipe has played a part.

31 Mar 2018


What is there to say? You came for a coconut butter recipe, and I am here to provide. This could literally not be any more simple, unless someone out there has figured out how to make a 0-ingredient coconut butter. However, I imagine that would either be 1) a minimalist, conceptual art project, or 2) a very sad, unsatisfying batch of coconut butter. So I will stick with my recipe.

13 Mar 2018


Do you like moist, dense brownies? Do you like creamy, cinnamon-y sweet potato or pumpkin pie? Then I bring good news with me today, friend. This recipe is for you. It's both those magical, wondrous foods combined into one cake. Hellooo.

28 Feb 2018


Quiche used to be one of my favourite lunches. When I attended elementary school, my mom would send me off with Tupperware containers full of mini ham quiches. She'd buy frozen, single-serving tart crusts (probably at Costco) already shaped around tinfoil molds, so all that was needed was to fill them with eggs and other fillings, and bake them... then voila: quiche! My fond memories of quiche most likely are due to my love of eggs. In all honesty, as a vegan of 7+ years, eggs are the only food I miss some times. I loved eating big plates of scrambled eggs with soy or oyster sauce, boiled eggs on their own, salted eggs over easy on buttered toast for a "nutritious" breakfast, and quiche. While there are vegan alternatives for all my other fave foods like milkshakes, cheese, ice cream, burgers, chocolate and yogurt (which are always more delicious anyways), I hadn't yet found a proper, satisfying substitute for my beloved quiches and other egg-based recipes. UNTIL NOW... *dramatic music* 

Folks, it's all in the chickpea flour. 

21 Feb 2018


I'm gonna be honest: I have an overwhelmingly large collection of cookbooks that are waiting for me to review. It's slightly embarrassing how much I procrastinate on this. In my own defence, I am usually too busy spending time coming up with recipes for this blog and my OWN cookbooks. There are only so many hours in the day, only so much room in my stomach, and only so much energy in my body for food and recipe creation. So generally by time I am done with my own work, trying out other people's recipes is not at the top of my to-do list. Having said that, it really should be. 

Because I love it.