19 Feb 2017


These are some [more] pics I've taken + thoughts I've been having while walking through this lovely city. Quebec is on the unceded territories of the Cree, Mi’qmaq, Naskapi, Algonquin, Montagnais, Abenaki, Mohawk, Attikamekw, Huron and Malecite nations. 

The first month of this trip involved a lot of feelings and a lot of anxiety. You can check that out in my previous Montréal post. But in the past couple weeks I have found an enjoyable pace to live in, and my brain is fully invested in 'adventure / big trip mode'. I have moments when I realize it's been quite awhile since I have slept in my own bed, seen mom or been around all that is familiar in my life; but my reaction isn't to miss those reliable comforts. It's to be appreciative of my time away from them, because returning to them will be that much more fulfilling. And experiencing all that I am here - away from home - is exciting and new. I've been meeting tons of cuties, going dancing, getting tattoos, eating bowls of delicious food (mostly homemade but also at some eateries) and watching great/weird/old movies with Evie, the wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, illustrious friend I am living with. I've read a few great books and am tentatively getting back into making art (mostly colourful geometric pieces inspired by a documentary about the Bauhaus design movement).

14 Feb 2017


Hot chocolate is perfect for a cold winter day, aka everyday here in Montréal. I am not kidding you: the sidewalks are so frozen over with ice that you could skate on them. The “snow” in parks and alongside popular walking routes and roads *appears* to be powdery and soft, until you step on it and realize it too is ice, but it’s more deceptive because it pretends to be pillowy snow. 

8 Feb 2017


This is far removed from the regular content of my blog posts. No recipe today, just some self-reflective thoughts on my time away from home so far (as well as my time on earth in general) and photos of windows and buildings in Montréal that I took a few days ago.

1 Feb 2017


Hiyo, babes! I'm still chillin' in Montréal. I'll be here for another month or so. I am typing this in a cute lil café (THEY HAVE VEGAN COOKIES) on Rue Sherbrooke, across from a snow-laden park where I can watch tons of adorable squirells hunting for food they buried earlier in the season (I think that's what they're up to anyways?)