10 Jul 2017


Sooooo I am v excited to share this recipe with y'all because it's only slightly adapted from one in the new cookbook written by one of my all-time fave vegan bloggers: The First Mess Cookbook by Laura Wright. Laura's blog - The First Mess - was one of the places I found inspiration in when I initially began getting into food photography and blogging several years ago (*waves back at 2011 self*). Her photos are always so stylish, lovely and minimalist: they tell a story that I wanna know more about. Laura's recipes are also consistently A+, I'll add. She is a legit chef so you know SHE knows what's going on (I, on the other hand, rarely do). As far as vegan food photography bloggers go: Laura, and Ashleigh from Oh, Ladycakes, are pretty much my heroes. Now that I am done gushing, I'll talk about the recipe.

4 Jul 2017


This is an outtake from a new project I am working on. Don't worry: the recipe IS delicious, but it's not gonna vibe with the *thing* I am putting together. If I sound mysterious, it's cuz I am being mysterious. But I promise I will share more info on this project soon-ish... *cute evil smile*. 

30 Jun 2017


Cake for breakfast? Yes. I've been having a slice of this every morning since I made it, because the only ingredients are fruits, nuts, seeds and nutritionally-dense superfoods. It's a creamy, rich recipe that leaves me feeling satisfied and energized. The strawberry layer is fruity (shocker) and the chocolate layer reminds me of mousse. Too many nuts make me feel groggy though, and since a big chunk of this recipe is cashews, one slice a day is enough for me. I aim to listen to my body and mind and act accordingly. But my motto is always: do what works for YOU. Some days I crave more fat-dense foods like avocados and nut butters, while other days all I want is juice and dark chocolate, and OTHER days mountains of steamed buns sound perfect. I don't always understand why my body is telling me to go for particular foods - though sometimes it's obvious, if I haven't been drinking enough water, sleeping well, am on my period, etc. - but in any case, there IS probably a reason for it, so I honour that and listen to it. 

23 Jun 2017


Fudge gives me life. As you probably know by now: I am in a committed relationship with chocolate. I make it nearly everyday and if I go through a 24-hour period wherein I don't consume this heavenly food, I feel like someone is missing. If I know I have a bar of chocolate in my bag / house / fridge, everything is okay. But when I meet new people and they don't fully get what I mean when I say "chocolate". Let me explain.