15 Jan 2018


These are a light, not-too-sweet, refreshing, nourishing snack for anytime. The recipe is adapted from one in a cookbook I love - What To Eat For How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen - by Divya Alter. The main ingredients are lightly toasted sesame seeds (feel free to leave them raw though) and almond pulp! Yes, that extra stuff you have left over after making your own almond milk! FINALLY, something to DO with the damn stuff. You can keep that almond pulp in the freezer until you have time to make this recipe, so you never have to waste it again. It's full of good stuff for your body, and hey, you paid it for it (I am assuming...?)

18 Dec 2017


Soooo I know this post is super late, but hopefully I'm not the only one who is behind on getting gifts for my loved ones!? *Nervous laughter.* Of course, all the items I discuss in this post would make wonderful gifts any time of the year, for special people in your life as well as yourself. There is no need to stress about holiday deadlines when we have another 364 days of the year to show how much we care, right? All these gifts are perfect for taking care of your body, mind and spirit... they're all connected, after all. I am big fan of making presents, handmade cards, artwork, crafts and recipes for my friends and fam, and getting away from capitalism always allows me a sigh of relief. However, there are some things I cannot make myself, which do benefit my life and wellbeing. Some of those are listed here, as well as some DIY gift ideas. Enjoy! Most of the companies are local (I live in the lower mainland of BC, Canada on unceded Coast Salish lands), or based in the Pacific Northwest.

14 Dec 2017


15 Nov 2017


Hey, babes. First of all: apologies for not posting a recipe in foreeeever. I am so preoccupied with school, life, relationships, depression tbh, and another project I am excited to share with y'all soon. Time just keeps slippin away from me, but hey- what else would it do? Moving on: in this post, I'm stoked to share a delicious recipe that is kinda seasonal (pumpkin, right?) as well as a new kitchen gadget I have been using almost everyday since I got it.

9 Nov 2017


Hey hey hey! What's goin' on? I am really excited to share this recipe with you. It tastes *freaking* delish. I hadn't made banana ice cream in ages and forgot how amazing it is. Yet another example of why it's so easy and satisfying for me to be vegan: I am not giving anything up! All my fave foods are available in equally appealing - often more appealing - plant-based versions. I ADORED ice cream before I went dairy-free. I would eat... well, massive quantities of it. After going vegan I was so relieved to discover all the non-dairy ice cream brands in grocery stores. In my city there are a number of vegan ice cream shops that make their own blends and serve 'em up fresh in cones or pints. Suffice to say: as a vegan, I am not gonna go hungry for ice cream aaany time soon. Which brings me to this recipe.