30 Jun 2016


I NEED to tell you about an album. It's called Hopelessness and it's from Anohni. I could say a bunch about how much I love her but I'll just tell you to listen to the album and check out the meanings behind the songs, because she put a lot of thought into this project in a really beautiful, critical way. The first two tracks are absolutely amazing. Moving on to brownies.

27 Jun 2016


First off: shout out to this album. It's pay-what-you-can, all electronic music made by South American women and it's fire. Fave track: Blue Dress.

I've been focusing on activities that make me feel good and make me a better human, they keep me distracted from my negative thinking patterns (mental illness struggles woo) and force me to put my energy into stuff that is positive for my body, mind and/or spirit. One of those activities is going to the gym regularly. I love growing my muscles and feeling strong. I love lifting weights and watching my body wooork. I love the improvements in my physical abilities I notice over time (not trying to be ableist here though!) And I love giving my body what it needs once I'm done a workout. Which is a colourful variety of whole foods, with an emphasis on protein. I like mostly fruit smoothies, sometimes with veggies or greens blended it, and directly post-workout: with protein powder added. 

24 Jun 2016


Ey, babes! This recipe is bomb. It's creamy, decadent, sweet and full of wholesome stuff your body wants (like nuts, chocolate and chai spices). I know I flip flop a lot on what to call vegan cheesecakes: I've gone through phases of not caring, to preferring to call them cheeZecakes, to labelling them as cream cakes, and now I've gone full circle and am back to calling them cheesecakes because while no, they don't contain any DAIRY cheese, they ARE vegan cheesecake! I've stopped calling plant-based meats and cheeses "fake", and now I simply refer to them as vegan meats and cheeses, because that is what they are. This recipe is everything you want a cheesecake to be, it's just not made with dairy. I'm not a baby cow. I'm a grown ass human being who has access to non-dairy milk, nuts, rice, oats, fruits, veggies and more - so I make the choice to eat vegan foods because it's less damaging to the planet, and more compassionate to our animal pals. Going vegan isn't gonna save the world, but it's a small step towards a more conscientious lifestyle for those of us who can make it. Please eat as many of these cheesecakes as you want.

21 Jun 2016


When Jack first broke up with me (eternally traumatized sad face) it was a serious bummer every time I made a recipe because when we were together I would always share them with him, plus he was my #1 hand model (and you know, also the love of my FREAKING life). But I am getting the hang of... I dunno... eating more? And making single serving recipes. AND sharing with other people. BECAUSE THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE. More than anything, being single again for the first time in years - and since I was a teenager - is making me so grateful for my friends (old and new alike), supporters (you!) and mom. I thought I needed my entire support system in one person. I thought I needed my lover, my best friend, my companion, my caretaker, someone to take care of and my muse all in one person. But I didn't, and I don't. As much as I want to let him know about this amazing new combo of nice cream and hot oats I have discovered (thanks to Sophie), text him a food photo and excitedly tell him I am going to make him a bowl of it ASAP, I won't.