25 Aug 2016


Another day where it was challenging to get out of bed. I got more tattoos last night and it was much more painful than I was prepared for. Jack has been on my mind a lot, I miss him terribly and I know he doesn't miss me at all. And my depression and anxiety are rearing their un-sexy heads more than usual this month. It's tough, I'm not going to lie. But I continue to get through each day. And that's enough for now. I'm gonna talk a little more about mental health and self care in this post, and shout out a product that helps my mood, plus that's also simply part of a more general food philosophy that benefits my mental state. 

21 Aug 2016


I have been eating so many of these in the past two days and I have ZERO regrets. They help me feel relaxed, less anxious and more fun. They also taste amazing. The recipe is quite similar to one I posted a some weeks ago, but the coconut oil in this version is infused with herbal goodness. It's optional, of course. Do what works for you. I dig it. Another adaption is that I used hazelnut butter instead of peanut butter here, so they taste a bit like Nutella. (Yesssss.) I highly recommend Prana Bio's hazelnut butter, it's the best I've ever had by far. Your mind will be blown.

18 Aug 2016


Today has been a whirlwind but also super chill. I had a bunch of social plans - beach day with comfy inspiring friends, late afternoon tea with a wise lady bud, and then a date with a new person - but I woke up feeling anxious and decided to stay in my house all day. Sometimes I just need to do my hermit mode. I would confidently say it's worked out though. I got some work done (i.e. this recipe), painted more of my room white, listened to a bunch of great albums and podcasts, and I think this evening I will do some yoga and have a bath. I just had a cyber "chat" with my ex partner and it didn't totally petrify me so that's progress too. One foot in front of the other, right? I have been trying to take it easy this week because I have my new tattoos that are healing, so I can't really sweat or be in the sun. For those of you who know me even a little bit: you know that sweating and sunbathing are all I really do in the summer. So I have been actively trying to stay cool and in the shade. I miss the gym and biking, but it's nearly been a week so I can get back to 'em soon. I'm not good at sitting still.

Enough of me, though. On to popsicles.

15 Aug 2016


I had an amazing weekend. On Friday I went to a live show for one of my fave podcasts with my best friend. It's called Throwing Shade and it. is. hilarious. The hosts - Bryan and Erin - pretty much just make fun of sexists, homophobes and other bigots in ways that always make my abs sore (because... I'm laughing so hard). On Saturday I got NEW TATTOOS, BABY! Check 'em out here on Instagram. Nicer pics to come. I had them done by Ciara at Studio Nest, and the whole experience was so enjoyable and satisfying.