21 Aug 2016


I have been eating so many of these in the past two days and I have ZERO regrets. They help me feel relaxed, less anxious and more fun. They also taste amazing. The recipe is quite similar to one I posted a some weeks ago, but the coconut oil in this version is infused with herbal goodness. It's optional, of course. Do what works for you. I dig it. Another adaption is that I used hazelnut butter instead of peanut butter here, so they taste a bit like Nutella. (Yesssss.) I highly recommend Prana Bio's hazelnut butter, it's the best I've ever had by far. Your mind will be blown.

18 Aug 2016


Today has been a whirlwind but also super chill. I had a bunch of social plans - beach day with comfy inspiring friends, late afternoon tea with a wise lady bud, and then a date with a new person - but I woke up feeling anxious and decided to stay in my house all day. Sometimes I just need to do my hermit mode. I would confidently say it's worked out though. I got some work done (i.e. this recipe), painted more of my room white, listened to a bunch of great albums and podcasts, and I think this evening I will do some yoga and have a bath. I just had a cyber "chat" with my ex partner and it didn't totally petrify me so that's progress too. One foot in front of the other, right? I have been trying to take it easy this week because I have my new tattoos that are healing, so I can't really sweat or be in the sun. For those of you who know me even a little bit: you know that sweating and sunbathing are all I really do in the summer. So I have been actively trying to stay cool and in the shade. I miss the gym and biking, but it's nearly been a week so I can get back to 'em soon. I'm not good at sitting still.

Enough of me, though. On to popsicles.

15 Aug 2016


I had an amazing weekend. On Friday I went to a live show for one of my fave podcasts with my best friend. It's called Throwing Shade and it. is. hilarious. The hosts - Bryan and Erin - pretty much just make fun of sexists, homophobes and other bigots in ways that always make my abs sore (because... I'm laughing so hard). On Saturday I got NEW TATTOOS, BABY! Check 'em out here on Instagram. Nicer pics to come. I had them done by Ciara at Studio Nest, and the whole experience was so enjoyable and satisfying. 

11 Aug 2016


Hey, Gorgeous! HOW YA BEEN? Here I am, trying to keep up regular posting. This is a SUPER simple recipe that is inspired by an oldie. It's easy and delicious, like any decent meal/snack should be (imo). The recipe takes two seconds to make and is bursting with colour and flavour. I'd suggest adding dried berries and some crunchy granola or nuts if you like. Not to steal the limelight away from this bowl, but I need to give a(nother) shout out to my last recipe, 3-ingredient fudge. I made it again today (third time in a row) and my mind was blown yet again. It's foolproof and ADDICTIVE. Get yerself some brown syrup immediately... IMMEDIATELY... make the fudge recipe and change your world forever, for the better.