15 Nov 2017


Hey, babes. First of all: apologies for not posting a recipe in foreeeever. I am so preoccupied with school, life, relationships, depression tbh, and another project I am excited to share with y'all soon. Time just keeps slippin away from me, but hey- what else would it do? Moving on: in this post, I'm stoked to share a delicious recipe that is kinda seasonal (pumpkin, right?) as well as a new kitchen gadget I have been using almost everyday since I got it.

9 Nov 2017


Hey hey hey! What's goin' on? I am really excited to share this recipe with you. It tastes *freaking* delish. I hadn't made banana ice cream in ages and forgot how amazing it is. Yet another example of why it's so easy and satisfying for me to be vegan: I am not giving anything up! All my fave foods are available in equally appealing - often more appealing - plant-based versions. I ADORED ice cream before I went dairy-free. I would eat... well, massive quantities of it. After going vegan I was so relieved to discover all the non-dairy ice cream brands in grocery stores. In my city there are a number of vegan ice cream shops that make their own blends and serve 'em up fresh in cones or pints. Suffice to say: as a vegan, I am not gonna go hungry for ice cream aaany time soon. Which brings me to this recipe.

17 Sep 2017


I made these for my mom's bday. They are like decadent clouds of coffee and chocolate. Mostly made from rich, full fat (yess baby!) coconut cream, they satisfy like nothin else. I don't actually drink coffee but when I make treats like this I have to stop for a minute and reconsider my life choices. I used the leftover coffee from this recipe - basically espresso - in a smoothie with dates, frozen bananas. vanilla, cacao powder and almond milk. It was like a mocha milkshake and it gave me LIFE, I am telling you. That's probably as close to drinking plain coffee as I will get though. I just need things to be sweet and luscious at all times.

23 Aug 2017


Hey, y'all. I have been making this chocolate multiple times a week for the past month because ya KNOW I need it daily, and this recipe has extra good stuff that packs a nutritional punch while still tasting dee-licious. I love having it with rich, creamy almond butter in the morning, usually paired with dates and a bowl of chia pudding with fresh blueberries from the front yard. Yes, I've got it good. Though having said that, mental illness is REAL and so even though I do have an amazing seemingly comfortable life, it's a constant battle staying afloat. This is just another reason I value eating nutritious foods. I genuinely do notice how they help my mood. Eating a variety of raw or gently cooked whole plants everyday - fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, seeds - makes a difference.