16 Jun 2017


Rhubarb is my new best friend, but it has not always been this way. I've got a wonderful memory of a particularly delicious strawberry rhubarb pie from my childhood, but beyond that my relationship with this lustrous red-stemmed plant (although many varieties aren't super red) was greatly lacking... until this season.

It started in Ireland. My host and I had the fortune of picking up some fresh rhubarb from her sister's garden. She then simply cooked it in some sugar and water and that was that. I ate it with almond yogurt, cinnamon and rolled oats for breakfast and I was blown away. I had forgotten how incredible rhubarb is: the tartness, the freshness, the sweetness, the colour! Following that, once I was home, a friend made me a wonderful raw dessert plate involving a crepe, cashew cream, and vanilla-marinated rhubarb, among other things. Once again: taste buds were blown away. Since then, I have had rhubarb on my mind and my mind on rhubarb.

10 Jun 2017


The chocolate and mint combo is a classic. Mint chocolate is one of my fave varieties, mint chocolate chip ice cream is unbeatable, and we even have chocolate mint - an herb - growing in the yard now. One of the only other pairings that works as well is probably hazelnut and chocolate. But we'll save that for another day. In this post, it's all about chocolate and mint. And now I think I have won some kind of award for how many times I have used the words "chocolate" and "mint" in one small paragraph. Moving on.

6 Jun 2017


OMFG. BROWNIES THOUGH. I was equally obsessed with chocolate when I was a kid as I am now (arguably, I am still a child but we can save that discussion for another day). The difference is that I used to think brownies and other chocolate treats had to be full of crappy ingredients to taste good. Then I discovered vegan baking and raw vegan dessert-making. Now I realize that not only can my cocoa faves be free from animal products (I don't like to eat friends) and other junk that isn't doing my body any favours, they can also - and most importantly - taste AWESOME. I am not kidding when I say I eat chocolate and various other desserts on a daily basis. These recipes are filled with nutritionally-dense foods instead of nutritionally-void foods. It's a win win win win win. There is nothing morally bad about junk food ingredients but whole food ones make me feel better, so I eat those. 

27 May 2017


There is something about cool weather in this mountainous, temperate rainforest region that just DOES it for me. The colour gradients that show themselves during our cooler months always appear impossibly beautiful and wise. Moody, dynamic, charcoal grey clouds break at dark green, stubborn, forested mountains; those mountains give way to ancient, mysterious waters and rugged, mossy rocks the colour of slate and life; and all these colourscapes fold together, in and out of each other, and I am a part of them. We are nature. It is us. There is in fact no place to draw the boundary that we imagine is there. This philosophy is applicable not just to our relationship to and participation in evolution; but also our relationship to one another and our participation in our societies.