17 Sep 2017


I made these for my mom's bday. They are like decadent clouds of coffee and chocolate. Mostly made from rich, full fat (yess baby!) coconut cream, they satisfy like nothin else. I don't actually drink coffee but when I make treats like this I have to stop for a minute and reconsider my life choices. I used the leftover coffee from this recipe - basically espresso - in a smoothie with dates, frozen bananas. vanilla, cacao powder and almond milk. It was like a mocha milkshake and it gave me LIFE, I am telling you. That's probably as close to drinking plain coffee as I will get though. I just need things to be sweet and luscious at all times.

23 Aug 2017


Hey, y'all. I have been making this chocolate multiple times a week for the past month because ya KNOW I need it daily, and this recipe has extra good stuff that packs a nutritional punch while still tasting dee-licious. I love having it with rich, creamy almond butter in the morning, usually paired with dates and a bowl of chia pudding with fresh blueberries from the front yard. Yes, I've got it good. Though having said that, mental illness is REAL and so even though I do have an amazing seemingly comfortable life, it's a constant battle staying afloat. This is just another reason I value eating nutritious foods. I genuinely do notice how they help my mood. Eating a variety of raw or gently cooked whole plants everyday - fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, seeds - makes a difference. 

15 Aug 2017


Back at it again with more blueberries to make your heart sing. I think by the end of this summer I will actually transform INTO a blueberry because of how many I have thus far consumed. I am not mad about this: if the blueberry is my true form, I am 100% open to it.

In this recipe, I am combining blueberries with another food of the goddesses - the blackberry - into luscious sorbet and serving it alongside creamy chia pudding, drizzled in rich tahini. For obvious reasons, I added chunks of dark chocolate. This is a bit of an uncommon combination but it works wonderfully. So wonderfully, in fact, that I ended up eating the whole bowl myself even though I had initially planned to share with a friend. Woops. I love the variety of textures, temperatures and colours in this dish. I hope you do too. *smiley face*

8 Aug 2017


These are a light, not-too-sweet, refreshing, nourishing snack for anytime. The recipe is adapted from one in a cookbook I love - What To Eat For How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen - by Divya Alter. The main ingredients are lightly toasted sesame seeds (feel free to leave them raw though) and almond pulp! Yes, that extra stuff you have left over after making your own almond milk! FINALLY, something to DO with the damn stuff. You can keep that almond pulp in the freezer until you have time to make this recipe, so you never have to waste it again. It's full of good stuff for your body, and hey, you paid it for it (I am assuming...?)