30 Oct 2014


Exciting news! Vegan Cuts is doing a cookbook and vegan snack box giveaway, and you have the chance to win! You can either win my best-selling raw, vegan, gluten-free desserts cookbook, Rawsome Vegan Baking, or a few other amazing ones from other bloggers I love: The Blender Girl, Thug Kitchen and The Vegan Zombie. The prizes for this giveaway are four snack boxes paired with four cookbooks, so there will be four winners who each win a snack box and - you guessed it - a cookbook!

Enter the giveaway here for you chance to win!

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Unknown said...

I'm not vegan--I call myself vegan-light--more stringent than a vegetarian, but not quite a full-blown vegan.....so, I bought this book maybe 8 months ago not knowing entirely what to expect......Wow, now I don't eat any desserts that AREN'T raw and vegan. I love this book so much. The desserts are fantastic and I don't feel guilty about eating them (sometimes all of them in a sitting.) Because I loved your book so much, I now check out your website daily, anxiously waiting for your next post--so that I can print that as well. Your food is wonderful and I hope you continue to publish "cook" books!

Anonymous said...

Someday, as more and more join us, we will rule the world as we seen it thousands of years ago and teach everyone to not underestimate the power of raw food and the force. I feel like I have the strength of a jedi master.

Something that i can't understand very well is I fell into the trap of the B12 vitamin that year now I am 90% raw vegan instead of 100% because i think that the only cooked food that deserve to be eaten are sea food.

Vegan Senses said...

Thank you so much for all your recipes !
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