Come to the rawsome vegan side, we have t-shirts.


I am so stoked to announce I will now be selling custom-designed t-shirts for my blog! (There is also a hoodie option available.) I have partnered with a neato company called Teespring, and we have developed some amazing tees for you guys to wear with plant-based pride! I think they all reflect the clean, fun and positive attitude that my blog has become known for. Nothing extreme, just simple, fun pictures of happy fruits and vegetables celebrating the rawsome vegan life. I have to admit I did not design them myself, but I'm just gonna see how you guys like this first one and if there is demand for others, and/or some designed by me I am happy to do make more designs available! Let me know. For now I am more than pleased with this first t-shirt. The drawings are done by a children's book illustrator!

You can buy the t-shirt here.

Although there are three different designs I love, I'm just gonna start off by selling one in order to gauge how popular it and others might be. If a whack load of people buy this one, I will definitely start selling the other two, and probably more. I wanna make you happy, after all.

Right now we I've got one design available that reads "I HEART THIS RAWSOME VEGAN LIFE", where the heart is a juicy red strawberry. I absolutely love this and can't wait to wear it all over the place. It represents what I try to promote on my blog: that healthiness is happiness, and that simplicity is beautiful.

Now, you might be thinking: "That's great that you have some cool t-shirt designs, Emily, but what about the material? I am a responsible, environmentally-conscious and morally-discplined individual and I demand that the actual t-shirts be made by fairly-paid workers and with sustainable fabric." First of all, thank you for caring about that stuff. Second, I do too! So don't worry your fabulous brain about it. The t-shirts these designs are printed on are all ethically made in the USA. It's all good here and everyone is happy! 

If you think buying ORGANIC is important, I have an organic cotton t-shirt option for you too. It costs a few dollars more, but depending on your priorities, it's worth it. Plus, when you buy the organic cotton t-shirt, $3.00 of your payment will be donated to the World Animal Protection organization!

These would also make great gifts... just sayin'. Well that's about all I have to say, folks! I hope you love these designs as much as me, and consider buying a t-shirt or hoodie! Hehe. Let me know what you think! I always love to hear from you. x