BIG NEWS! If you live near or in Vancouver, BC, Canada I would love if you could make it out to my first ever vegan potluck! We will be gathering at a lovely home in East Van with a big garden and dining area. Please bring whatever vegan dish you like (raw or cooked, sweet or savoury, crunchy or creamy, etc.), although I would ask that it's made with mostly whole foods (so I can try it!) and list the ingredients in case there are people with food sensitivities or certain preferences. Also feel free to bring vegan wine, beer, tea, kombucha, or whatever! The meet-up will be commencing in the evening around 6:15 pm and we can hang out as late as we please. We can make this event into whatever you want it to be. Vegan dance party? Hell yeah! Calm philosophical moral discussion? Alright! Just stuffing our faces with magical food? It's all good. I would love to meet you, so come on over if you can! This is a great opportunity for me to connect with all of you, but more importantly for all of us to connect with each other! Who doesn't want more vegan friends!?

Note: you do not have to be vegan or even vegetarian to come. As long as you have an open and accepting mind, EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Having said that, this will be a no-hate zone. Discrimination of any kind will not be accepted. But that probably goes without saying because I know you're all pretty much the coolest homo sapiens ever.


Date: Saturday, September 13th 2014
Time: 6:30 pm until whenever  
Location: email me at to get the address