1 Sept 2014


Note: I am honoured to say this recipe was featured in Vegetarian Times!

These are almost dangerously tasty. You've got a heavenly cookie base mainly made up of cashews and oats, creating a nest for fresher-than-fresh berry jam with chia seeds. That's it. Simple, right? Definitely. But simple doesn't mean boring. This recipe will blow your mind and your mouth will cry for more. I just gobbled up two and almost didn't stop to breathe. Fortunately, the planet is awesome and allows these cookies to be super healthy, raw and vegan without compromising on flavour or sexy looks.

Yeah, I just called these cookies sexy.

Okay I just drank a giant green smoothie and NEED TO PEE. Be right back.

Thoughts while in the bathroom: my world is way too trippy lately but at least I have people who care what I have to say. Speaking of what I have to say... the following is a bit of a ramble through my mind and what's been going on in there lately. Let's jump in.

I'm in the middle of this weird identity "crisis". As my blog and myself become more and more popular, and I'm working on promoting my cookbooks (you can find them here and here); I'm beginning to realize my life is rapidly changing and I am at the start of a new phase IN my life. I'm going to increasingly be in the public eye as a symbol of veganism and health and I will largely be defined by my diet and how I present myself through my blog and book(s). I've been in radio and TV interviews and meeting with local businesses, and in those situations my appearance really matters. On a personal scale, this means I need to start dressing a bit more professional and taking care with my appearance. This is slightly uncomfortable because for the past two-ish years, I've basically become a radical feminist only shopping at thrift stores, buying over-sized men's clothing, not shaving [anything], boycotting make-up and shampoo, etc. Well the fact of the matter is I have to put that phase behind me and look forward to actually LOOKING like the 'business woman' I have, in a sense, made myself into. I got rid of all my old clothes and am now slowly rebuilding my wardrobe with good quality, NEW clothes that actually fit my figure. I was showing my parents a dress after I bought it a few months ago and my dad proclaimed, "You look like a girl, again! When did that happen!?"

Until the past year and more specifically the last eight months, the reality that I have created my own business, have a blog that is popular enough to (mostly) live off of and am a published best-selling author all before the age of 21 hadn't hit me fully. I started this blog about four years ago as a hobby and mostly at the suggestion of family and friends. Sure, I daydreamed that maybe it'd get a few readers; and when I walked by the vegan section in bookstores it was fun to pretend my name was on one of the book spines... but now these dreams have literally become true and I am FINALLY letting that settle in. Like I said, this is the beginning of a new phase in my life... one that I think will be mainly defined by fame and fortune professionalism and the message of veganism. I am genuinely excited for the future and also the fact that I have no idea what it holds. What am I going to do next? I feel like things are just going to keep improving because I actively put positive energy into my environment and my work... and clearly that has been paying off!? At the same time, I need to stay realistic and not get ahead of myself. A great mantra is: expect the worst and hope for the best. I do that every day; I'd say I'm an optimistic realist. Another one I need to remember is: BE HERE NOW! I have tattooed on my wrist but too often I forgot to take a breath and appreciate the moment at hand for what it is, for all it is!

But it's also not like I'm just sitting here and just desperately hoping all this good fortune lands in my lap. I was talking to a friend the other day and she was asking how you get to where I am (I think the term she used was "vegan famous") and she answered her own question by saying it must just be good karma. I'm not saying that I haven't been extremely fortunate and blessed on my journey thus far, because I have greatly. But it was a little offensive to hear that because I don't think many of my friends are really aware of how much time, thought and effort I put into this blog. Yes, I LOVE my "work". It feels wrong calling it work because it's my passion! But no, that doesn't mean it's effortless. I am dedicated to you and making the world a better place through wholesome eating and living, and that dedication is official now. There ain't no goin' back! I am only going to work harder to inspire as many people as I can.

Right now though, I'm gonna go eat another cookie.


2/3 cup cashews
3/4 cup oats (I used plain rolled oats, you can find raw oats if you like) 
2 tablespoons coconut oil
Pinch Himalayan salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 cup berries (fresh or frozen)
1 tablespoon chia seeds
3 dates, cut into small pieces
Water, as needed (I used about 3 tablespoons) 

To make the cookies: process all the ingredients but the oats together in a food processor until they form a thick, chunky kind of cashew butter. Add the oats and pulse until it all starts sticking together. Form into thumbprint cookies and put in the fridge for a few hours so they can set. 

To make the jam: put all the ingredients except the chia seeds in a food processor and process until it's as smooth as desired. Mix in the chia seeds with a spoon, then fill each thumbprint cookie with the jam. Yussss. 


Wharveygal1 said...

Thanks for the recipe! Looks sooo good!
Be sure you don't change too much girlie! You got to where you are by being who you are! You are a rawsome, awesome, raw food ninja cool cat!!!! Hugs and congrats on all your well deserved success!!! :)

Abby @ The Frosted Vegan said...

I so admire your success and think it is AWESOME that you have achieved so much so early! You do you girl!

Unknown said...

This recipe looks delish (as most of yours are), and I love your writing style. However, I was a bit disappointed to see you stepping out of your current lifestyle in order to really look like the business woman you've become. I think it would be better to stick to your values (thrift store clothes and no makeup, etc) and show people that an ordinary woman who chooses to not shave her legs can indeed be a successful businesswoman, instead of catering to the superficial mainstream ways and looking how society wants you to look.

elizabeth said...

Get a makeover its just like when you cut off all your hair just more. I love your post its funny and its ok to shave haha less sweaty. Im super happy for you and your NEW And OLD COOKBOOKS. Wow must be some kind of feeling , huh? A VEGAN PUBLIC FIGURE, EDUCATOR, AUTHOR...Go to Ross get some clothes, shoes, something more . I sincerely am happy for your BEAUTIFUL MANIFESTATION OF LIFE YOU DESERVE IT... Peace

Kimberly/TheLittlePlantation said...

Hi Emily,

thanks again for sharing your journey so openly:). I think your success lies in you being YOU and being real and not trying to pretend to be someone you are not. You've shared your ups and downs, your transformations and your experiments with different food styles. It's worked for you, right? So just trust in that. Trust that you can intuitively find who you are and continue to be open to re-evaluating and re-defining what/who that is. If that moment of reflection reveals you need new clothes, so be it! As long as you feel comfy in that moment with that incarnation of you, then you're on the right track. All the best and I look forward to reading your new book:).

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with some previous comments. I wouldn't worry too much about how people will view and judge your appearance...they/we already like you! And thrift stores are the best!

Anonymous said...

This 'identity' crisis thing can get pretty weird....it comes down to who you REALLY are, not what you do, your career, etc. in life. Be careful not to get too into thinking that you are some vegan raw queen. It's easy to go there. I would say have one nice photo of the recipe, post the recipe, then maybe one more photo, and cut all the drama. Especially telling us that you have to go pee. really. I don't think that is necessary. I am a fan of 'Rawmazing' blog, as there is no drama...just the facts, ma'am. ha. hope this helps you. You have some fun recipes.

Grace said...

Hey Emily,

I've been following your blog for a while now and I love it! I also bought your rawsome vegan baking book. Your recipes and blog have given me inspiration to eat in a more wholesome way and it's shown me how exciting raw living can be!

I actually don't usually make comments on blogs or news articles generally, but I felt the need to this time. Being a young (also, as a surprise to myself) business woman, who is also going through similar life changes, I wanted to echo some of the comments here about making sure you are only changing aspects of you for the right reasons - not shaving, wearing clothes from thrift stores etc has it's own charm - and not every business woman needs to be or look or dress the exact same - that's boring :)

Continue to Be You in whatever way makes you best happy. Don't look to others for acceptance, but continue to embrace who you truly are.

Congratulations on all your success and I hope many good things continue for you. Looking forward to seeing how you get on.

ps..I like the personal touches in your posts, they make me laugh :)

Deanne said...

I think this recipe looks tasty and I can't wait to try it! Whether or not you like Oprah, she has said that you need to know who you are BEFORE you achieve fame. It sounds like you are figuring that out but don't let 'fame' change you. If you do, you'll look back one day and wonder who you are.
And quick question re the recipe... do you melt the coconut oil before adding to the food processor?

June Burns said...

Those cookies look just wonderful! Love the GIF. :)

And if you don't mind my two cents, I think you can still be a sweatpants-wearing non-shaving feminist and also be a ambassador for the glorious world of veganism. Though dressing up doesn't hurt. But I agree with other commenters--don't change a thing! Your blog is awesome, famous or not. <3

- June

Anonymous said...

I know this struggle all too well. It can be a challenge to reconcile your desired "image" with what is expected – or in the case of my corporate job, what is required. You want to be respected and taken seriously, but you don't want to lose yourself. UGH. Such a tug-of-war.

As with anything, it's about finding the right balance. Yes, those of us who already know you love you and your hairy pits. ;o) But now you have the exposure to influence a larger audience, and you have to consider how you will be perceived so others will want to embrace the rawsome vegan life! But I'll tell you what – if anyone can figure out how to build a more professional image while still staying true to herself, it's you. You are nothing but authentic, and I am excited to see where this journey takes you!

Sibylle said...

Don't change, Emily. You are a beautiful soul and such an inspiration - you can be a non-shaving, happy feminist in the public eye! In fact, that's the kind of well-known people we NEED. We've got enough over-groomed carbon copies :-)

Millie l Add A Little said...

Emily - you go gurl!! Show the vegan message! :)
Also, the cookies look damn sexy. I love that they don't have any sugar in them!

Kyra said...

You are amazing! I've just stumbled across your blog and to read that you have achieved so much and so young is awesome! Judging by how delicious these cookies look, I'm not surprised :) just need some more cashews and I am trying these out!

Anonymous said...

Emily! Thank you so much for writing this you made me feel less alone. I can relate to so much of this, especially because its very parallel to what's going on in my life from the oversized clothes (I laughed when you said you shopped in the mens section because holy shit I do too for comfy shirts) and not shaving and realizing it needs to end to fit the role you've made for yourself. I love your writing and these cookies look amazing, I made something similar the night before and then I read the post and it was just a funny synchronicity :) lots of love to you I am so happy for your success

Serena said...

You go girl! Love the blog just how it is. You were such an inspiration for me starting my blog and I can only dream of it ever being as amazing as yours!Please keep coming with the gorgeous recipes xx

Unknown said...

Hey Emily, Ive been following you on your blog and on instagram for quite a while now and one of the things that I love about you apart from your delicious and gorgeously photographed creations, is your personality, which really shines thru big time. You make me giggle and I also love the fact that you dig old music from the 70´s... disco on girl! Congratulations on your well deserved success, but don't go changing too much okay! Stay being you, because its your uniqueness that draws people to you :) All the best in your future endeavours.

genevieve @ gratitude & greens said...

Your success is SO well deserved and I am so happy for all the positive changes in your life! This sounds so cheesy but just stay true to yourself. You know yourself best! All of your readers have fallen in love with you and the blog- I think that is an excellent example of just how awesome and rawsome you are. On another note, I really want these cookies. They look so good and I've pinned pretty much every single picture in this post!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. It's one of four that I check daily hoping for updates. I totally relate to your identity crisis. I started teaching college students as a PhD student when I was newly 22, the same age as many of the students. I felt insecure about this, and felt the need to appear "professional" instead of my non-shaving, thrift store-shopping, feminist hippie self. There was a safety in mainstreaming my appearance, but I also eventually felt like a hypocrite. I was asking my students to deeply question societal norms, but felt like I had to come from a place of safety by embodying those norms in many ways. Now I'm back to some of my old ways. Because I can be a kickass teacher and researcher with hairy armpits and legs. I can embody for my students the sort of deep questioning that I hope they can do in my class.

Don't be afraid to evolve, but also don't be afraid to be who you are. Your message is countercultural, and you're brave enough to do your own thing with your food. I think you can do the same thing with your clothes and grooming, if you want.

Alana said...

I agree with a few other commenters - don't let your style and your ideals change too much just because you think you have to look "professional" (what does that even mean. really?!) to be a professional. It's not true at all! That is letting our outward appearances guide who we are. I think it'd be way cooler to show people that you can be successful and doing what you love and be a so-called professional even while you shop at thrift stores (good for the planet! definitely works fine with vegan & environmental ideals, so don't lose that one), get dirty growing your own food, and a feminist who talks about her periods and doesn't shave her legs. I totally appreciate it, even if that's not where I am right now, I can really get down with some real talk like that. It doesn't mean you look BAD, you just don't look like some made-up, pomped-hair other cookbook authors. Don't worry about others judging you based on your looks - people should judge you based on what your blog shines through & of course on the recipes, that's what they came here for, didn't they?

Anyway. I'm gonna make these cookies today. I was super excited to get this email because I was looking for a dessert to use up a giant bag of cacao powder in since I'm moving out of the country on monday and starting my own journey volunteering abroad... but these guys are too cute & irresistible. Whatever. ALL THE DESSERT.

Em von Euw said...

@Deanne - thank you so much! You can choose to melt it or just add it in small pieces so it melts in the food processor :)

Em von Euw said...

TO EVERYONE WHO COMMENTED: Thank you SOOO MUUUCHH :D Reading your comments makes me feel a lot more confident in the way that I can stay "me" while still successfully promoting the cruelty-free message! I am taking all your advice! (except the lady who told me to not talk about pee... I appreciate your input but too bad).

Unknown said...

just did these and substituted the cashew for brazil nuts and added agave instead of coconut oil and the results where wonderful! DELICOUS DELICIOUS! I had three for lunch and three for dessert! oops :)

Luna Serenity said...

Thank you SO much for being YOU!! It's so important to have those quirks in your posts, they make them fun to read! Ignore the lady who said yo keep it all to a picture and facts... What's the fun in that? :) I love you just the way you are, don't change a bit!!

MC said...

I can't tell you how pivotal your influence was on me becoming vegan this year! I remember spending so much time oogling over your recipes but just not being sure I could really go vegan. Long story short, I proved myself wrong and here I am. Loving my plants and feeling so right about this change! Like so many others have said - don't change for anyone Emily! You've got a uniqueness about you that draws people in and allows us to connect with you. Plus your humour makes this doubley better! (Is doubly a word? Haha). And keep being the kind, compassionate person you are. Its great you still take the time to talk with readers. Keep it up and wishing you the best for the future.

Anonymous said...

Emily! Love these cookies and your journey into the successful business woman that you are. I do NOT, however, believe that you need to compromise your sartorial preferences, but even more so you choices about makeup and hair removal! I know plenty of women who maintain total professionalism without turning to a razor! Also, shopping at thrift stores is about way, way more than what kind of funky etc. clothes you can find. It's radical anti-consumerism if done right. Being a vegan has a lot to do with ecological awareness and with the awareness of human rights. Please consider this movement and keep true to your values. You ROCK: http://fedbythreads.com/.

Dreamy Leaf said...

I just discovered your blog. A hearty congratulations from a fellow vegan blogger couple. We know how hard it is to achieve what you achieved, and do it so young. And yeah, a beautiful recipe.

The Vegan Scholar said...

Those cookies look seriously good. Anything with jam in it is going to look seriously good to me, though, lol :)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog today, thanks to Choosing Raw. Admittedly I'm retired and don't need to look professional, but I've been dressing in thrift store clothing (feminine, fitted) for many years now, and I believe it's possible to dress from a thrift store and nobody will know it if you choose carefully. When I dress for a formal night on a cruise, nobody has any idea where my dress came from; I generally look better than people who buy new clothes. Congratulations of the success you've achieved. May it and your passion last for a lifetime!

Lauren said...

Would you soak the cashews before using? I notice you never mention soaking any of the nuts you use in recipes...just curious.
Beautiful blog too, such an inspiring young lady! Change whatever you feel like changing and know that you are young and will be growing and evolving many more times in your lifetime. But be sure you don't loose that spark!

Unknown said...

OMG! Yum!

I just made these and they taste like an English jam tart.

Emily, you are amazing.

They were so easy to make. I did cheat and used store bought organic fruit spread instead of making the chia jam. This obviously made it super easy.
I think they would be even better, if that's possible, with a dollop of whipped coconut cream on top. I'll try that next time.
I shared this recipe on my blog.

Here's the link:


Em von Euw said...

@Lauren - although I always forget to say this, I DO recommend soaking then dehydrating nuts :)

Idapie said...

So; YUM !
Reckon we should get a load of you in that dress , see far too few photos of you here (yeah I know its more a food typo' blog and not a fashionista typo' one but hey!).
Umm.. a note on the not lookin like a ragdoll part, I wash my hair with bicarb and soften w eco-ACV (+ lemon essential oil) and it looks and feel amazing and not like a dirty hippy which all the ppl i know assume.
You might already have employed this but just wanted a word in ^_^

jessica said...

Howdy. I'm new to your blog and so far so good. love it! One question/suggestion... I made the oat and cashew cookies last night. how many cookies did you end up with using these amounts? i got seven cookies!

amelia said...

Hello! Love your blog and the beautiful pictures.

Do you think subbing almonds for cashews would work, or is the higher fat in cashews key to these cookies' success?