Hey, all. So today is an exceptionally exceptional day because my book, Rawsome Vegan Baking, which has been in the making for a year now, is being OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED! Order your copy from here. I use the term 'officially' here because apparently some of you have already gotten yours and it's already in some bookstores... but March 4th was the pub date I was given month and months and months ago, so I'm gonna celebrate, dammit! A bunch of other exciting stuff has happened in the past few days too, which I will be sharing in this post; as well as giving you a sneakpeak into the book. But for now, let's just take a moment to freak out.


All my dreams are coming true and I'm a little scared because what if I'm accidentally using up all my food fortune in just a few years and the rest of my days are spent lived in terribly poor luck!? *Push that thought aside. Keep freaking out in a totally positive, over-the-moon way.* Naaaah, it's all good.

I just cannot believe that my book is going to be in all these book stores I frequently visit, and just a couple years ago, daydreamed of selling my own books in. I actually cannot think of how my situation could be improved. Unless Ellen emailed me and wanted me on her show. Vegan lesbians unite. (Although I call myself pansexual, not lesbian, but still.) I mean, Rawsome Vegan Baking is being sold pretty much everywhere; AmazonBarnes & NobleIndigoBooks-A-MillionIndie BoundThe Book Depository and wherever else books are sold! It's also going to be in a bunch of local shops that I love to visit like Eternal Abundance, Nice Shoes, Banyen Books and The Soap Dispensary

Photo: Max Wall
Okay enough of that. Some other amazing things that have happened recently? I was featured on the cover of my university's newspaper, The Peak, and had a two-page interview inside! Raw vegan food is going mainstream (kinda)! I made my first recipe video, showing you how to create raw vegan chocolate truffles (it's gotten almost 1,000 views in one day!) It's pretty amateur and I realize this, but I will be working to improve my video skillz - yes, with the 'z' - and coming up with more vids for you soon. Watch it, give it the thumbs up, go easy on me. 

I found out my book is being sold at Costco, which is sort of a huge deal because Costco is about as mainstream as you can get (except maybe Walmart). My book is on VegNews' 15 most-anticipated books of 2014. The Saveur Best Food Blogs of 2014 are being nominated right now and I would love you forever if you nominated me. Just saying. And more generally speaking: I'm getting great reviews back on the book and have been in interviews out the whazoo to promote it, which is fun for me (nevertheless, we still have not confirmed the precise definition of 'whazoo'). All in all my life is incredibly exciting right now and I am so stoked for the future. I am ALSO stoked for you beautiful people to hold my book in your hands! Now I'm going to give you some details about it that I haven't shared before... hence the "sneakpeak" aspect of the post title. Hehe. 

Below is the table of contents for Rawsome Vegan Baking. If you think this kind of food is boring, think again. From just a handful of super healthy wholesome ingredients like nuts, seeds, dried and fresh fruit and coconut; you can come up with this many recipes:

Cakes & Cupcakes
·         Cashew coffee vanilla crème cake with cinnamon chocolate crust
·         Super sexy cacao cashew cupcakes
·         Buckwheat & berry cream cake
·         Neapolitan mousse cake
·         Rawified Reeses cake
·         Black forest cake
·         Vanilla chocolate chunk cheesecake with peanut butter & coconut
·         Strawberry banana cream cake with mint
·         Nut-free creamy coconut cheesecake
·         Chocolate cheesecake with chocolate chili drizzle
·         Mini beet mousse cakes with sweet cashew cream & spiced nuts
·         Rainbow cake with fruit layers & coconut cream frosting
·         S’mores cupcakes
·         Chocolate molten lava cakes with goji berries
·         Pink cherry ice cream cake
·         Vanilla herb cheesecake with walnut crust, rosemary, orange mint & fresh fruit
·         Blueberry strawberry banana ice cream cake
·         Triple threat chocolate cake with carob buckwheat pecan cake, avocado cacao ganache & ginger chocolate sauce
·         Blueberry fields forever cake with blueberry coconut & chocolate avocado layers
·         Berry cream cakes with chia pudding
·         Deep dish chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake 
·         Triple layer ice cream cake with cashew peppermint, banana strawberry & coconut vanilla layers
·         Carrot cake with cashew cream cheese frosting
·         Double decadence chocolate silk cake with hazelnut crust
·         Peppermint chocolate molten lava cakes
·         Ginger lime berry ice cream swirl cheesecake

Bites, Bars & Cookies
·         Caramel mocha bars
·         Cranberry bliss bars
·         Creamy peanut & oat squares with raw chocolate and blueberry topping
·         Ultimate shortbread bars with layers of salted caramel & spiced chocolate
·         Orange carob bars & almond chocolate bars
·         Loco coco bars
·         Super food brownies with chili cinnamon fudge frosting
·         Chocolate energy bites with pumpkin seeds, raisins & matcha
·         Almond joy candy bars with crunchy coconut center enrobed in raw chocolate
·         Piña colada bites with pineapple, coconut & pine nuts
·         Fruit crumble with banana ice cream
·         Crazy for coconut bars
·         Superior fudge
·         Maca cacao truffles
·         Spiced orange chocolate layered with fresh kiwi, orange & dried figs
·         Chocolate banana crêpes with coconut cream & berries
·         Chocolate nut butter cups, three ways
·         Avocado towers with dark chocolate mousse & salted pistachios
·         Go-Nuts Donuts with strawberry, chocolate and coconut frostings and dried papaya, golden raisin, goji berry, coconut and cacao nib sprinkles
·         Chocolate lava cakes with mint filling
·         Avocado mint cream bars with chocolate, two ways
·         Endless energy bars with nuts, seeds, figs, raisins & sweet coconut drizzle
·         Totally tahini cups with coffee cream filling
·         Fudge bites
·         Hippie halva
·         Pecan sesame truffles with camu camu, orange & vanilla
·         Almond butter and jelly sandwiches with apple bread
·         Maca miracle pyramids with chocolate goji berry filling
·         Raw chocolate cookies sandwiching vanilla cashew cream
·         Peppermint cream sandwich cookies covered in chocolate
·         Peanut butter cookies
·         Carob comfort cookies
·         Rawdical raisin cacao cookies with oats

Pies & Tarts
·         Jungle pie with chocolate crust, bananas slices & chunky coconut topping
·         Jewel fruit tart with caramel almond filling
·         Maple pecan pie
·         Naked fruit tarts (nut-free, coconut-free, fat-free)
·         Lemon dream pie with pecans & coconut vanilla whipped cream
·         Rhubarb almond crumble with maple oregano glaze
·         Cinnamon apple pie with date caramel
·         Peaceful peach cobbler
·         Chocolate banana cream pie
·         Almond ginger rosemary tart with coconut, chia & almond caramel
·         Fresh berry tarts with whipped vanilla coconut cream
·         Banana tart with chocolate cream, jungle peanut butter & candied ginger slices
·         Chia caramel pecan pie with cinnamon chocolate sauce
·         Fresh citrus tart with coconut lemon cream & lemon zest
·         Oversized oreo tart with vanilla coconut cream & chocolate ganache
·         Harvest pumpkin pie
·         Into the wild caramel tarts with pistachios, pumpkin seeds & chocolate trees
·         Banana ice cream tarts with salted nutmeg caramel
·         Strawberries ‘n’ cream tartlets
·         Boston banana cream deep dish tarts

Pudding & Ice Cream
·         Amazing avocado chocolate pudding
·         Cacao carob vanilla towers with macadamias & chocolate walnut garnish
·         Breakfast parfaits with layers of fruit & chia seeds
·         Chia vanilla pudding with cinnamon & raisins
·         Crème brulee of cashews, banana slices & lavender with cinnamon coconut topping
·         Coffee crème mousse with chocolate pecan crust
·         Rawky road ice cream with marshmallow & chocolate chunks
·         The real banana split
·         Ice cream sandwiches with rosemary almond cookies & berry medley ice cream
·         Banana ice cream / the best thing ever
·         Chocolate & vanilla ice cream sandwiches
·         Peppermint avocado ice cream with chocolate chunks
·         Strawberry cheesecake popsicles with coconut flakes
·         Vanilla ginger ice cream popsicles with chocolate coating
·         Deconstructed creamsicles with orange and vanilla layers
·         Heavenly banana almond cinnamon shake
·         The ultimate chocolate shake with coconut whipped cream & cacao sprinkles
·         Sorbet with strawberries, agave & mint

Basic recipes
·         Raw chocolate
·         Coconut cream
·         Hot cacao

Yep. I know. The world is so good to us, it's not even funny. I'm gonna laugh anyways though because I'm just too darn happy not to. I'm having an amazing day, week, month, year - and I hope you are too. You are the reason I am where I am. All my love goes to you.