19 Feb 2014


Like the name implies, this baby has got it all. You will be glowing and possibly floating above the ground after drinking this. Transcend with super foods! The recipe includes everything from chlorella to cinnamon to spinach. If you don’t have time to eat 3 huge salads every day, you can stop sweating now because it’s all good, bro. This smoothie has got yo back. The best part is: it tastes freaking amazeballs. I used to think amazeballs was a weird term and that I’d never use it but I see it all the time in your guys’ comments and you’ve converted me to the balls of amaze ways. Thanks a lot. Note: the sarcasm. 

I am essentially addicted to blueberries and fortunately they happen to be one of the best brain foods in existence; they’re in here. The benefits of bananas are bodacious, and we’ve got two in this recipe. What else are we throwing in? Okay… lemme see here… spinach, hemp seeds, cacao, noni, blue green algae, maca, acai, cordyceps mushrooms, mesquite, camu camu, vanilla, ginger, Himalayan salt, cinnamon, spirulina, chlorella, E3 Live AFA, barley grass, wheat grass, alfalfa, nettle, kale, dandelion, kelp, bladderwrack (seriously who named that plant though), rockweed, sea lettuce, dulse, alaria WOW 4 REAL THAT WAS LITERALLY A LIST OF ALL THE GOOD THINGS YOU CAN EAT. THEY’RE ALL IN HERE! How is this possible? Well, because there are some super rad companies out there that genuinely care about sustainable wellness (for your body as well as the planet). 

Beaming was generous enough to send me their smoothie kit which includes all those incredibly powerful super foods. They also sent me Artisana Coconut Butter and I am. Flipping. Out. It’s basically the best coconut product out there and smells like coco bliss heaven (yes it`s an actual physical location… in my daydreams). Back to the subject at hand: among a bunch of bags of maca powder, cacao nibs, goji berries and hemp seeds; I also received a jar of Amazing Grass’ Raw Reserve Green Superfood which contains all the greens listed above, as well as a jar of Beaming’s Superfood Smoothie Blend, which contains all the other great stuff. Adding a tablespoon or two of each of these blends to your smoothie every day allows you to get all those magical foods into your body within minutes! I am happy! I am smiling! I am jumping up and down! Actually I was sitting on the floor, but I like to think of myself as an honest person so I got up and jumped around a little bit. 

We don`t all have time to eat four pounds of broccoli every day, and I dunno about you – but I haven`t a clue where to find organic cordyceps mushrooms or blue green algae… so these powder blends are ideal for us normal folk who have busy lives and don’t live in an underwater organic love garden (but damn that sounds cool, doesn`t it?). 

P.S. Look at the pretty gif I made for you! If you let it load properly, it looks real nice. 


2 bananas

2 cups frozen blueberries
3 cups spinach
1-2 tablespoons Amazing Grass’ Raw Reserve Green Superfood 
1-2 tablespoons Beaming’s Superfood Smoothie Blend 
1 tablespoon hemp seeds
2 cups water or nut mylk 
1-2 dates, if desired 

Blend it all up and float to the ceiling. Note: if you don't have the super food powders, it's not the end of the world; you can leave them out or use your own blend of stuff! 


Anonymous said...

Hippy Mom,VIDEO Hey nice drink it is so creamy looking and thick like it will keep you full and satisfied for hours with natural energy, have a smoothie day, you, Em.

Atsumi Raw Cafe said...

This looks like an amazing smothie! Truly brilliant! :D

However, I wouldn't say there is EVERYTHING good that you can eat, as there is one key thing missing. ;)

Aloe Vera!

As we mention at #3 in our blog here: http://atsumirawcafe.wordpress.com/2013/12/30/improve-health-diet-new-year/

Megan Wall said...


I made a blueberry kale smoothie this morning and my GOOB of a sister asked me why it was black.
I said to her, 'the purple is so deep you don't even know.'

I believe this aptly applies to this most abstruse of smoothies.

lovin' on you laday.


Idapie said...

Well if I had balls i know I would be getting this smoothie all up on them.
Ok so that came out wrong.
LOOKS EPICS!!!! yuuuummmmmmm

Em von Euw said...

Idapie, that was best comment ever.

Angela @ Canned-Time.com said...

Looks absolutely fabulous. I love Amazing Grass and everything else you've got in there goes without saying to be awesome!

Anonymous said...

hey em, can I be honest with you i use to.post on a different food blog I am so much like the lady that i would post to so i would try to talk with her we had the same studies in school, I could tell she didn't really like me though, when i tried to post to her she just take down my posts well she did it to me again last nite it hurt me so deeply i liked her because we our so likeminded and also im going through major medical issues most years well after she was so mean to me last nite i just went to bed crying remembering how cruel people really are. thanks for being nice to me em and being so respectful to the people who enjoy your blog. your awesome

Em von Euw said...

Aw thank you! I love you guys!

Organic Cordyceps Powder said...

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