Today's post is a short and sweet ode to a few products I have been loving (whadda surprise... never woulda guessed that from the title). First we have got Hippie Cookies! I've recently begun a beautiful relationship with Left Coast Naturals... but what we're working on together is pretty hush hush so shh. Anyways, they're giving me mad swag (aka free foodz) and one of their brands is Hippie Foods... they make healthy snacks with 100% sustainable ingredients and techniques. I love it. Also these cookies are INSANE. Raw, vegan, gluten-free and holy crap are they delicious. Buy them today. Eat the whole bag. Feel proud, because you just made the world a better place. I think the vanilla almond ones are my fave. Also check out Hippie Foods' Coconut Chips... they are like crack. Addictive.

Next we've got Ellovi Butter - no, this ain't no dairy product. This is a miracle moisturizer and you muuust have it. I don't really know what I will do when my jar runs out... beg them for more, I guess. It's BETTER THAN COCONUT OIL! I know, that's like blasphemy in the vegan world but 4 real guys, this stuff makes my skin so smooth it gloooows. It also smells like sugar cookies so if you're single and looking for a mate, just rub this on your face and they will come running. That was easy. The only ingredients (there're just 6) are super high quality oils like macadamia and coconut. So natural I'd make it myself but hey... it comes in a cute jar. They also have a Lip Butter that looks like it's calling my name. 

*You lucky folks get 20% off this product if you use the coupon code "thisrawsomeveganlife" on!*

Finally we have glass straws! I've used only Dharma Straws up until now, but recently Simply Straws sent me a lovely little collection, along with an adorable case and cleaning wand! I like the bends some of the straws have, and the etched logo. Glass straws are da bomb and every plastic straw user should try them right now. Game changer. They're easy to transport, beautiful to look at, and pretty effortless to use. I mean, it's a straw. Just sip. You'll be seeing these straws in my up coming book on Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks. Wink wink. It'll be out December 2014. Ugh a year away. It's okay. Patience.