product review: vigilant eats super food cereal

This week I was lucky enough to review Vigilant Eats super food cereal and was very impressed with the product. Delicious, cool-looking, gluten-free, organic, simple, easy - me likey. What you get is in the name: a disposable cup (neato folding spoon included) filled with a blend of stuff making up a super food, oat-based cereal! It's got happy, clean ingredients like cacao nibs, organic oats, hemp and maca. Several of the ingredients are raw as well. All you have to do is add some water (there's hemp milk powder included already, these guys are smart) or your fave milk of choice, and munch away.

I used some coconut milk we had in the fridge and was delighted. I was pleased to find it wasn't too sweet, which was my main worry. I actually wished there was more in the cup! The one photographed here is an espresso maca mulberry mix. Some of their other flavour combos are goji-cacao, maple coconut vanilla, and maca double chocolate. NOM! Seriously - try them out for a super quick power breakfast or snack and see what you think.

My favourite thing about this product is the company behind it. Their philosophy is that we the people have the right to demand - and deserve - the highest quality, healthful, sustainable foods we can get our hands on. Cheers to that!