a day in the life {for real this time}

Heyo. I wrote a post a few days ago and titled it "a day in the life" but then went on to write basically nothing about a day in my life these days. So on this day, I will try harder to stick with the topic. Here is an average day in my life, while I am in cookbook-writing mode.

I sleep in (I've always been a night owl) and immediately drink a bunch of water, then check my emails and notifications on the good ole computer. Then I work out - I am loving Fitness Blender at the moment - take a shower if I feel like it, and make a giant glass of juice. Right now this is my favourite recipe. I sip this juice either walking around the garden or while I begin to make my recipe of the day. If I have a recipe prepared and ready to photograph, I get that set up. I also take pictures of adorable things that are close by; namely my cat, Dante. Set-up, photography, and take-down generally takes about one hour. To save time, I will occasionally photograph two recipes in a day.

I am not perfect (far from it, if we're being honest here) so my recipes sometimes don't turn out how I'd like them to. Luckily today the second try was the charm so it wasn't a big deal. But in any case I let the custard-type recipe stay out too long and it reverted back into pudding. Oh well, now I have a bowl of strawberry cream pudding. No biggie, bro.

After taking photos of a recipe and putting everything away again, it's time to edit. This usually takes about an hour because I take a LOT of photos. Oh, I also type up the recipe for my manuscript. I really enjoy editing my photos (not that I do much to them but adjust the brightness, contrast, etc.) because it's purely an aesthetically pleasing experience and since I am not typing anything but just using my eyes, I can blast tunes at the same time. I am loving this track currently.

My mom has made some gorgeous bouquets in the last few days with flowers from the garden; I can't help but photograph them. After I am finished typing up the recipe and editing photos, it's "break" time. I'll usually just clean something, brainstorm recipe ideas, listen to music, hang out with friends, or plan dinner. And of course, check my computer for emails, comments, etc. That part of being a blogger is never-ending.

Last night I made a GLORIOUS raw pizza and practically ate the entire thing by myself... #yolo? The recipe for the pizza will be up by Thursday, or so I am told, because it's going on another website as a guest post. Don't worry - I'll let you know as soon as it's available. After dinner I relax somehow; whether it be with friends, nature, music, a movie, or whatever. I eventually force myself into bed around midnight (although it varies...). I think my sleep schedule is the only aspect of my life that I'm not thrilled with. Ah, well. It'll happen.

P.S. today my juice was made with basil and mint instead of spinach and holy moly was it delish. Try adding fresh herbs to your juice and see what you think.