keep calm and drink juice {a walk through our garden}

Ahhh, Friday. After sleeping in, working out, tutoring a student and making two recipes for my upcoming raw vegan desserts cookcook - creamsicles and coconut pineapple bites - it was time for green juice. And what better place to enjoy the sweet nectar from Mother Nature than in my own glorious backyard? Bees were buzzing, birds were chirping and the sun was beginning to set so I figured I should take some pictures while I walked around barefoot with my mason jar of living juice. 

Our radishes are growing so fast! My mom has been picking them daily and putting them in our dinner. I am not in LOVE with radishes but I do enjoy their fresh crunch and vibrant colour. Our lettuce is also probably ready to nom down. I think I'll make a salad with them this weekend and load it up with peppers, local strawberries, chickpeas, miso tahini dressing and raw organic olives; I shan't be sharing.

The juice recipe I share today (scroll to the bottom if you want to skip my ramblings and just grab the recipe) is one I have been making everyday because it is just so good. Usually I add a ton of things to my juice, and it's always different. But this one is simple and it's all I crave. It is bright green, refreshing, light, sweet and basically addictive. This is one thing you WANT to be addicted to, trust me.

Our collards are little babies right now, but soon they will grow to have huge leaves; I plan on making raw burritos and wraps with them! Mmm... now I want a burrito. What else is sprouting up through our freshly tilled soil? Kale, beets, pak choi (aka bok choy), garlic, onions, strawberries, oregano, and a bunch of other herbs. We recently bought a mini green house (although we plan to build our own large one soon) to grow our tomatoes and basil this summer. They need just a taaad more heat than our other crops. I seriously cannot wait for the tomatoes and basil to be ready for devouring because I WILL devour them. I put basil in everything and our baby tomatoes are essentially candy. 

shining spirit green juice: serves one

4-5 cups spinach
2 apples
2 oranges
1 lemon
1 cucumber
4 pineapple slices 

Wash, peel and chop as needed. Put everything through your juicer, alternating the spinach with the fruits. Strain if desired, then sip outside with your honey bee friends.