fruit kebabs with chocolate

Being raw is this easy! People have been asking for a simple recipe that everyone can make, not just those with all the fancy equipment (I am one of those lucky guys). So here it is! All you need is some sticks, fruit, chocolate and two hands. Heck, you could do this even you are missing a forelimb. No excuses unless you actually have NO arms. In that case - I am deeply sorry. But I have been fortunate to keep both of mine in top shape through the years so this was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

You can use a bar of dark/raw/vegan chocolate if you don't mind and you have it on hand, but the first option is to make your own raw chocolate which simply requires cacao, coconut oil and some liquid sweetener. If you don't have those, alternatives abound; you can use cocoa instead of cacao, nut butter or cocoa butter instead of coconut oil, and really any sweetener you like, such as raw honey, agave, maple syrup, date paste, or even raw sugar. As far as the fruit goes, you can use whatever you want. I place these decisions in your worthy (and hopefully attached) hands. I took these photos using my own two hands and Canon EOS Rebel T2i. Love it.

One last thing - give these guys a listen. Solid tunage.

fruit kebabs with chocolate: makes 5 kebabs or so

1 apple
2 mandarins
3 slices of pineapple
and/or any other fruit you may have and want to use

1/2 recipe of raw chocolate (or a melted chocolate bar)

Slice all the fruit into bite-size pieces and stick on to chopsticks or kebab skewers. Then drizzle with the chocolate. You can let the chocolate harden but I mean REALLY - who has that time? Just eat it right away and bask in the glorious delight this healthy, raw, cruelty-free snack selflessly provides.